GPU AMD RADEON M300 NOTEBOOK R9-M375, R7-M360 and R5-M330

Among the ads of AMD Financial Analyst Day 2015 there will be missed the official launch of the new mobile GPU Radeon AMD M300 series that will go immediately to equip laptops Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba, which will be added later Also other manufacturers. In fact the slides from the event are very synthetic and simply point out that the AMD Radeon GPU Series M300 are based on the architecture AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN), that fully support DirectX 12 to deliver incredible performance, and operate in intelligently in consumption thanks to AMD Enduro.

New GPU AMD Radeon M300 Notebook: R9-M375, M360-R7, R5-M330

Fortunately in the last hours AMD has updated its US site by entering the first models of GPU Radeon M300 and their technical specifications to enable us to do some more consideration. The models currently available are only three: in addition to the AMD Radeon R9 and R5-M375-M330, we had already been revealed by an update a little ‘too early of sheets of gaming notebooks Lenovo Y40 and mainstream Lenovo G50, c’ It is a variant intermediate that takes the name of AMD Radeon R7-M360.

AMD Radeon M300 series
AMD Radeon AMD Radeon R7 R9-M375-M360-M330 AMD Radeon R5
Rebadge R9 M270 / M260 R7 M270 / M260 M255 R5
Cape Verde GPU Oland Oland
Stream processors 640 384 320
Texture Units 40 24 20
Clock Up to 1015 MHz Up to 1015 MHz up to 1030 MHz
Memory frequency up to 1100 MHz up to 1000 MHz up to 1000 MHz
Up to 4GB DDR3 memory up to 4GB DDR3 Up to 4GB DDR3
Memory Interface 128bit 64bit 64bit
Memory Bandwidth 35,2GB / s 16GB / s 16GB / s
GCN architecture 28nm 28nm 28nm GCN GCN

As expected it is for the moment an adaptation of existing GPU Radeon series M200 based on GCN 1.0. GPU compared to the past generation, however, we see a substantial increase of clock frequency offset by a very low bandwidth for the memories, all of DDR3 and interfaces with 64bit or 128bit. A really difficult to interpret especially when you consider that the corresponding GPU series M200 memory interface 128bit GDDR5 memory and allowing a double bandwidth.

Colleagues at Anandtech put forward a hypothesis, but as yet no official confirmation or denial: the first GPU AMD Radeon M300 would not be thought of as standalone video cards but to be combined with integrated video cards of AMD APU Series A in Dual Graphics mode, combining their performance to gnaw a few frames more in the most demanding game titles.

AMD also announced availability of the AMD Radeon graphics cards for desktop 300 Series, available exclusively through OEM solutions, and pre-installed by the manufacturer. The AMD Radeon GPU 300 are based on AMD’s GCN architecture with full support for DirectX 12, but what is more interesting is that it will adopt the interface HBM High Bandwidth Memory for greater efficiency per watt

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