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The start-up Dollpler Labs has announced the availability for pre-order of Here One, the innovative wireless headsets with selective noise cancellation system. Unlike previous Active Listening Here, the new product introduces for the first time the music streaming.

Inside the small device is inserted a series of multiple microphones and processors that allow you to filter out unwanted noise so “adaptive”. In other words, you can delete or selectively amplify a specific sound or noise through the adaptive filters implemented by the Doppler Labs, able to recognize for example the cry of a child or traffic noise.

Here One

 to put a computer, a speaker and a microphone in each ear “, it is explained in the press release.

Here then the One earphones allow you to interact with Google Now, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, to make and receive phone calls as well as listen to your favorite music at the same time listening to ambient noise: it is a compelling feature that allows, for example, listen to music while you ride your bike, or listen to the record of a game while you are in the stadium.

You can also set filters for scenario, so it is not necessary to change the parameters whenever certain conditions are met. All this is possible through the official companion app, which are controlled and managed the volume, equalizer, sound effects and all other features.

One here are available for pre-order in the US starting today for $ 299 and you will have to wait some time before they can buy elsewhere (including Europe). Shipments will start later this year.

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