HIS Radeon RX 480 ICeQ X2 Roaring 8GB OC

has announced a new custom model based on the new Radeon RX480 AMD under the kilometric name HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQ X2 Roaring 8GB OC we find a model with own PCB, metallic backplate and a cooling system dual fan IceQ X2 the company with LEDs.
HIS Radeon RX 480 ICeQ X2 Roaring 8GB OC
The graphics card comes overclocked series as indicated by the tagline “OC” from its name. The speeds at which comes from the factory are 1,120 MHz base and up to 1,288 MHz Boost, while the memory capacity of 8 GB GDDR5 is maintained with 8000 MHz identical to AMD’s reference model

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