Honeywell Y87 Connected

The Y87 Connected ed Honeywell is a smart thermostat. A device that fits into the smart home and for regulating the temperature of the house from anywhere. Thanks to their wireless connection technologies, this model can be connected to a communication gateway company and controlled directly from a smartphone or tablet without being at home. An excellent choice for connecting the heating a few minutes before arriving home to find home at the desired temperature. In addition, this thermostat can be programmed for a week as our habits and routines. The Honeywell Connected Y87 is available in the market for a price of 230 euros.
Honeywell Y87 Connected
The house of the future is increasingly close. Manufacturers are aware of development that can have this market and its ability to transform our daily lives and are investing very strong in the so-called smart home. Connected Y87 Honeywell is a sign of this trend. A smart thermostat that works wirelessly, so you do not have to pass through the cable to the boiler. There are two main ways to control this device. On the one hand, we can change at any time the temperature in half-degree increments manually (by turning the wheel integrated).
But where this team becomes more useful it is to use their wireless networks to link with a communication gateway Honeywell so we can control it anywhere technologies. Through the Total Connect Comfort dedicated app, users can manage the thermostat settings from a smartphone or tablet Android or iOS. For example, we can create a program throughout the day to suit our routines and habits that raise or lower the temperature of the heating depending on the needs of each user. As a result, we will save a significant amount of money from the bill to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The Honeywell Y87 Connected programs can be configured with up to seven days, allowing us to enjoy great versatility in achieving the perfect temperature at home. To function, the thermostat uses two batteries that give us an operating time of up to two years. This is a competitive figure to remain aloof maintaining for a while. Another advantage is the use of a backlit monochrome screen so we can see at all times the temperature you have set.
This equipment is compatible with the traditional boiler, the boiler runs pn mural. Honeywell offers the option to purchase a version compatible with systems using underfloor heating. Users who want to be with this smart thermostat will have to pay 230 euros. And to have the full functionality you need to buy the kit additionally mobile access to the brand. His reference price is around 75 euros

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