Honor 8

Honor, the sub Huawei, could make known the new Honor 8 on July 5th for market release later days later, the 12th of the same month. The device would be very similar to the current flagship of the Asiatic, the Huawei P9 and would have a 5.2 inch screen, Kirin Kirin 950 or 955 processor, supported by a 4 GB RAM and a dual 12 megapixel camera. Apparently, there would be several versions with prices would depart from 300 euros to change.

Honor would be preparing to launch what would be his new high-end device. Honor 8 would have their days and, according to unofficial sources, could enjoy its coming-out on 5 July, that is, in a few days. I would not have to wait long to see the shops as it is put on sale a week later. While we wait to officially know, all the rumors agree that the new phone would have an attractive design, metallic, with 2.5D curved glass in the rear, and could incorporate wireless charging option, plus functions infrared remote control . His panel would have a size of 5.2 inches and a full HD resolution.

Honor 8

honor 8

It is not clear yet what kind of processor incorporated. There is talk of a Kirin Kirin 950 or 955, accompanied by a RAM of 4 GB. Whichever of the two, this set (+ memory chip) would allow pay well enough to move some of the heavier applications of Google Play. Meanwhile, there is talk that there would be several versions of the phone, depending on storage capacity. So, we would have a standard version with 32 GB of internal memory, one with and one with 64 GB to 128 GB, we assume that the three would be expandable through MicroSD card type.

Regarding the photographic section, Honor 8 incorporate a dual 12 megapixel camera, which would follow the same concept as other similar models, like V8 and Huawei Honor P9. Currently there are no details on its front camera, but expect it to be at least 8 megapixels. We also have added new ways for our catches are of higher quality. Moreover, the new device would have a USB Type C port, a connector type that is beginning to be present in many high-end phones and that will allow us to transfer files quickly and load the terminal in less time. It is also expected with a generous battery of 3000 mAh, which would allow us to enjoy the mobile a whole day without charging problems, as well as the latest version of Android (Android 6.0 Marshmallow), which, as you know, has come full new features such as new energy saving system called Doze, the new assistant Google Now on Tap or individual permit applications. In a few days we will leave doubts and we will give you all the information concerning this phone.

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