Hoverboard Q3

Those born in the 80s, will have seen dozens of times the trilogy “Back to the Future” and it is, in the second / third episode, which starred Michael J. Fox used a skateboard fantasy, floating and without wheels. Remember? For the first time, we heard about Hoverboard (which was translated into Italian as hover board). Since then, and it’s been almost 40 years, technology has made enormous strides, but the steering wheel scooter has not been created yet but it seems that some company is working on it for some time.

As the Hoverboard, we identify a personal transportation device that uses a combination of computer, electronic and mechanical like the Segway. It is built on two wheels connected to two small platforms jointed between them the movement of which is actuated by a weight sensor placed on small platforms and by a gyroscope. In short, it is what some store sells as “self-balancing electric scooter” or “table bicyclic self-balanced”. In 2014 several “planks” of this kind were used in China, and in 2015 became very popular in USA. There is no officially recognized name for this device and any company creates a different one to suit your marketing choices.
Hoverboard Q3
But not all models are equal: for the problems related to the battery and the faulty wiring of the first Hoverboard on the market, the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States (CPSC) has imposed a series of certifications the manufacturers of such devices, putting in alarm also the markets are ready to welcome them. as the distributors have had to fully understand how it is considered the scooter in our country and under what restrictions undergoes its use, but in most cases their price is not affordable in Italy they have started to be distributed only at the end of 2015 all, unless you decide to buy it from some Chinese shop.

TOMTOP launched a bid on a “two-wheels” with certified batteries (and documented), then secure under his feet: Q3 has a list price of about 450 €, but the Chinese tablet is discounted by 47% with a price final of 236 € and, by entering the discount code “Scooter15” the last phase of purchase, the total bill will be only € 221.69. Unthinkable for a similar device. Shipment in Italy is free, it takes place in 3-5 days via FedEx and – in the case of customs duties – you can request a refund at the shop by sending an email with the order number and the expenses incurred.

The motor-skate has a 4400 mAh battery for a range of about 15-20 km and can reach 20 Km / h. Simply it moves by pressing your foot on the platform and sbilanciandoci slightly forward with your legs, while changing the direction by moving your body weight on one side. At first it may seem difficult and dangerous, but with a little ‘of practical skills and also this scooter can become an inseparable electrical gadgets. Made of aluminum alloy, it can support up to 120 kg in weight and measures 584 x 186 x 178 mm with wheels (tires) 170 mm. Frontally, it has two LED lights to improve the visibility on the road.

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