HP Instant Ink

HP has announced the arrival in Spain of Instant Ink, replacement service through which ink is the printer itself requesting the company to renew the cartridges when it detects that the ink inside is running out. Thus the client does not have to worry about anything, just to pay monthly from 3 euros, an amount based on the number of pages printed. According to HP, with this system the customer saves up to 70 percent more ink. Spain is the sixth country to launch Instant Ink worldwide. The company plans to have 10,000 users by the end of October month, although intended to double this figure in the first half of next year.

With HP Instant Ink, the user can print a number of pages per month at a fixed value. The monthly fee is based on the number of pages printed, not on the amount of ink used. This means that regardless of what is printed, the price will be the same even if it comes to high quality photos. Specifically, the company has launched three plans tailored to the needs of each user, from individuals to SMEs. We can find a plan occasional printing for 3 euros per month, which allows us to print up to 50 pages. We also found a moderate plan printing 5 euros per month (up to 100 pages), and a frequent printing plan for 10 euros per month (up to 300 pages).
HP Instant Ink

And what happens if the user does not print the total number of pages that are included in the service? The good thing is not lost. Those that are not used are accumulated for the following month. Conversely, if the user prints more than he has hired, will have the option to hire a top plan or purchase additional package with a certain number of leaves. It is important to mention that the recycling of the cartridges is also included in Instant Ink. The user will receive envelopes with postage-paid address to return those who have already used. Since HP ensure that not required in any case a contract of commitment to stay, so the customer may cancel or cancel your monthly plan at any time.

According to data for the second quarter of this year IDC, HP has achieved a market share of 53 percent in the field of inkjet solutions, 31.5% in laser printing solutions and 65% in the sector Enterprise ink. The company therefore strengthened its position. Also, taking advantage of the arrival of this new service to Spain, HP also announced the new range of HP Deskjet 3700 printer, specially developed for users who need to print from social networks like Facebook or Instagram. One of its key aspects is distinguished by its compact size and robust possibilities

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