HP Pavilion X360

Back-To-School or BTS has always been a period of fundamental strategic importance for the PC industry. It coincides with the end of August and beginning of September and with the resumption of school for students, but also with the end of the holidays for many offices and companies. In short, it is exactly the time when you buy a new notebook.

Many will have already bought a new laptop while others are a bit ‘late, undecided as to which model to buy. But this time the laggards may be in advantage because in a few days will come to market new laptops with Intel Skylake. This is nothing new minor, as Skylake not just a shrink of the production process but a new architecture that promises better performance, support for the latest technologies in the mobile and even an improvement in fuel efficiency. Can you elaborate on the topic here.
HP Pavilion X360
Besides Skylake, destined to notebook and tablet with Intel Core M and the Core, there is also the new architecture Braswell destined to ultraportables, netbooks, mini-PC and tablet with Intel Pentium and Celeron, forming a tandem that around a few months completely shocked the manufacturers’ price. We’re having a taste already, with many new laptops starting to peep out from the pages of online stores.

It goes without saying that HP engaged in a relay with Lenovo for the first position on the world market for computers, will be at the forefront with a full range of products. We have dealt with for example recently of ultraportable premium HP Envy 13 and HP Spectre 12 X2 with Intel Skylake but obviously the process of renewal will also involve laptops and 2in1 first price.

HP Pavilion 11 X360 X360 purpleI new HP Pavilion have audio B & O
Some of these notebooks are already in pre-sale in stores across the world, and in most cases it is a simple upgrade to the new platform design legacy:

We talk in both cases of laptops with display 11.6 “, but while HP has 11 Stream format clamshell traditional HP Pavilion X360 is instead a tablet-convertible with 360 ° rotating hinge that allows the touchscreen to turn back. The main differences with the configurations already on sale are of course represented by the new processors Braswell but in the case of the Pavilion X360 11 you get up at Skylake-Y Intel CPU core M 6Y30c with a decent boost in performance and efficiency. Also new is the move Beats Audio by B & O speakers and optimization of the audio output.

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