HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre ultrabook convertible x360 is a US company that uses a 13-inch screen capable of folding up to 360 degrees. This model seeks to combine the functionality of a powerful laptop (Intel Core i7 processor, very fast SSD …) next to the versatility of this type of convertible proposals. All with a very elegant and fine silver aluminum design and a good autonomy that reaches a maximum of 12.5 hours of use. A team that combines many lights with occasional shade, and available in the market for a price of 1,400 euros in the configuration that has come to Spain. We had the chance to hands this model, we tell you what our impressions.

HP Spectre x360

Sleek and slim design
This notebook soon get dazzled at first glance. Silver aluminum design gives the team a very distinguished look and we find this color throughout your entire body (including the keyboard itself). Even the metal hinges that attach the keyboard panel area has the same silver color, but with a brighter hue. The only touch of contrast is the frame that surrounds the area of ​​the black screen with the logo of Hewlett-Packard at the bottom. In addition, on the outside of the frame there is a fine line silver metal that generates a curious aesthetic touch.

Surprisingly enough, the fineness of this laptop, with just 1.6 centimeters thick. Of course, this compact design is not reflected in weight. Although his 1.51 kilos remain quite competitive figure is over weight we’ve seen in the last ultrabooks high-end market. Where we would still like to dwell a little more is on the point of the keyboard. Personally, I think that HP is the company that incorporates best keyboards in their ultrabooks. And the HP Spectre x360 is no exception. Then it is easy to get to the keyboard and start writing thanks to the height of the keys and good spacing between them. As expected, the keyboard is backlit with one brightness level. A touch which we find very useful is that the key used to turn the backlight is illuminated (pun intended) when the keyboard is off. A good way to brighten your computer with ease when we’re in the dark.

Regarding the use of hinges to rotate the screen, it seems that HP has done a good job. The panel holds up well in any position and movement is smooth and comfortable. When we put the model in tablet form the two parts of the equipment are not coupled at all, making that a space between the two needed to improve heat dissipation parts. Interestingly, HP has included buttons to raise and lower the volume and the Windows key on the side of the keyboard (not the zone itself panel) when use their tablet format.

Precisely one of the points that have least liked laptop is its heat dispersion. Then you get to a higher level of heat that can be really annoying in the case of this team on his knees. And that HP has tried to improve this point incorporating grid bottom another grid on the left side. This idea seems good has the disadvantage that the upper left corner of the keyboard also ends up warming further.

HP Spectre x360

A specification of first
The HP Spectre x360 integrates an excellent combination of technical features in a space designed for portable applications and web browsing. We must start from the basis that the lack of a (common in most ultrabooks) graphics card performance limits their applications and games with heavy graphics but leaving aside that point been surprised by the fluidity with which this work equipment.

In its core we find a processor Intel Core i7-5500U fifth generation of dual-core, with a power of 2.4 GHz per core. This speed can be up to 3 GHz in times of need. And with the integrated Intel technologies we can also work as if we were actually four physical cores. This chip is combined with a RAM of 8 GB. But what has really left us a magnificent feeling is its internal memory. HP included a disk memory of 256 GB SSD M.2. This card has a very good performance both when starting the system (in five seconds you can have the zero functional lighting equipment) and when applications are launched.

HP Spectre x360

Full HD touch screen and audio
The HP Spectre x360 panel is backlit by LED and commitment to the classic format of 13.3 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Also, you could not miss the touch support tablet mode to take advantage of this equipment. On a practical level, we liked both the brightness of the panel as its treatment of color and tactile feedback. In short, a screen guarantees to work, use your computer while traveling or watching movies.

As for the sound, the speakers reach a good quality for a ultrabook, and also have enough power to enjoy multimedia content. The best news is that escapes the canned feel left many fine notebook.

HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 has a good set of connections. The company has introduced three USB 3.0 high-speed ports (rates ten times faster than traditional USB transfer), an HDMI port and a Mini DisplayPort. The latter connection is widely used in the professional environment. We also have an SD card reader. When connecting to the network, manual AC WiFi connectivity check. This protocol makes it easy to connect simultaneously to the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and the bandwidth of 5 GHz. As a result, a higher connection speed and stable network is achieved.

This notebook complete their connections to synchronize with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices and works with miracast technology. This technology is used to transmit the contents of a smartphone or Android tablet in real time and without connecting any wires.

HP Spectre x360

Autonomy, price and reviews
HP Spectre autonomy x360 reaches a maximum of up to 12.5 hours of use. In our experience with the brightness near the maximum and average usage of applications and navigation, the figure is placed in a most humble of between six and seven hours values. However, it remains a very interesting place to take your laptop on long trips or travel value. The HP Spectre x360 and can be found in the market for a price of 1,400 euros.

In short, this is a model that has many strengths, and some other weakness. We specially liked the speed and performance of your 256GB SSD card, the appeal of its design, the quality of your keyboard or autonomy. On the less positive side this model continues to suffer heat problems that often attributed to HP. Anyway, a very interesting computer users tend to travel and professional.

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