HTC Nexus Marlin

Keep the fish sightings most anticipated of 2016, or the new Marlin, code name used to identify the Nexus top range of next generation, in development at HTC. During the last hours it revealed the first image that is considered more reliable, taken from the terminal settings screen, of course masked by a temporary cover, not to disclose any details regarding the design.

By the screen can learn the name of the model, marlin course, the version of Android that appears still with the single letter N and, finally, there are the latest security patches current as of July 2016.

HTC Nexus Marlin

Unfortunately did not reveal any further details about the hardware, which would remain the one rumored for the past few weeks, so Qualcomm Snapdragon 82x, QHQ Display 5.5 “, 4GB of RAM, 12MP rear camera, a scanner for fingerprints posteriorly positioned and battery 3450 mAh.

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