HTC Vive Pre

At CES 2016, HTC unveiled the next evolution of its system for virtual reality lives, taking a further step towards the entrance of the virtual reality in the mass market. He lives with Pre, HTC is keeping the promise to create immersive experiences that can change the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, we learn and we exercise. Each element has been redesigned from scratch to provide more comfort and performance. Thanks to fundamental improvements in both the visual elements, both in versatility, Lives Pre is able to create a world without limits.
The new design of the helmet is designed to provide greater comfort to the wearer, increasing the sense of immersion in virtual worlds created by Vive. The helmet is now more compact and features a new belt that ensures greater stability and balance. The visual system, improved with brighter screens and trim image, leads to greater clarity and an increased feeling of reality. The foam inserts and protections to make it inside the nose Lives Pre comfortable and safe for the user. He Lives Pre is easily adapted to a variety of face shapes and is at the same time compatible with different models of glasses.

HTC Vive Pre

HTC Pre Lives
He Lives Pre carries elements of the real world into the realm of the virtual. The new front-facing camera allows you to move even more both inside and outside the virtual world, introducing physical elements in the simulated space. Being able to take a seat, find their drinks and continue the conversation without having to remove the helmet is just the beginning of what you can do with Pre Lives.

To enrich the experience VR controllers Lives have been redesigned and upgraded by a new ergonomic design, the edges softened, more stable, more defined buttons and control pads that provide a more comfortable grip. The new trigger in two stages facilitates interaction with objects and produces a sensory response which attests to the interaction with the virtual world. The controllers are integrated rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with micro-USB charging system that allows use of up to 4 hours when fully charged. The sensors positioning Lives have been redesigned and are now more compact, quiet and provide better tracking of space.

Lives HTC will be the first virtual reality system to support Steam VR. Created by Valve, Steam VR tracking and Chaperone System is now optimized for use with Steam, one of the largest online gaming platforms and software for PC, Linux and Mac. Since the announcement of Lives, HTC and Valve have worked with thousands of developers and partners to create content of VR in a wide range of fields, from gaming and entertainment to the healthcare, automotive, trade and education.

HTC and more than 15 partners Lives have various virtual reality applications at CES 2016, showing the potential for a world that goes beyond the limits of imagination. Audi, a leading manufacturer in the automotive sector, has created a unique sales experience where consumers can explore the models of the cars of their dreams thanks to virtual reality, and Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, will show how is developing the future of the product design in 3D through the virtual reality.
Although the launch of Vive is scheduled for April 2016, HTC and Valve become available since the beginning of the year 7,000 additional units to developers.

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