HTC Vive

We got our hands for the first time on the display of virtual reality HTC Lives last March and, although it was still a prototype, do not let us down (you can see our test video below and the article on this news). Initially his debut was expected by the end of the year, but a few months ago the Taiwanese company did slip the launch in early 2016, indicating in these hours in April, as a possible time for the official presentation. In practice, if everything goes the right way, HTC Lives will be on sale by the middle of next year.

HTC Vive

Meanwhile development continues and is perfected: HTC has continued to work with Valve respective viewers and the development kit, albeit in limited quantities, it has already been distributed. The second generation of the SDK, instead, will be launched at the CES 2016, which will take place in early January, where we may have the opportunity to appreciate the improvements to the viewer.
Delays HTC Lives could penalize its success, since in 2016 are expected other high-end viewers including Oculus Rift VR and Sony Playstation. In short, HTC lives it will not only be on the market and will have to face a competition that will not make concessions to anyone.

Currently, the sector is occupied by very economical solutions, such as Google Cardboard and the like, which allow you to use your smartphone as a display giving a very engaging, but not one that you would feel with a real device VR. In practice, today, we only got a taste of virtual reality, the best is yet to come and the event is scheduled for mid-2016

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