Huawei GX8

Do you have a Huawei GX8 and reside in Spain? For attentive to this news, because you are interested. And the company from China just announced in our country deploying the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, one that comes along with a renewal of EMUI interface in version 4.0, which is a layer of exclusive personalization for Huawei smartphones. The update also brings some of the star features of Marshmallow. Among these we find the new system of granular permissions for applications, improvements to Google Now On Tap, more emoji or the famous Doze mode, which will help users achieve more autonomy by paralyzing certain processes, functions or applications that do not they are being used and often undermine the system resources.

So, if you have a Huawei GX8 we recommend be aware that you can receive notifications from the coming weeks, because the display, as announced by Huawei, will occur gradually in the following days. However, if you are eager to enjoy all the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can activate yourself update and implement it from now. You have to do as follows.

Huawei GX8

Huawei GX8

First, prepare the Huawei GX8
Note that the update will arrive via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), that is, without cables. Preparations have to do are:

Full battery charge your Huawei GX8 (make sure it is, at least, to 50% capacity).
Check free memory, because we have a rather heavy upgrade and need space.
Make a backup of all your files and important settings. Access to the Tools menu> Backup and select the content you want to save. Sets an constrase├▒a and wait until the process is complete.
Huawei GX8

To start the update
1. Go to this link to download the update.

2. Then unzip this file and copy the folder dload in the source folder of the SD card.

3. Once you have it, you have to access the home page and enter the section Settings> Update.

4. Within this screen, select Menu> Local Update. All you have to do from now on is to follow the proposed instructions to perform the update.

5. Be patient and wait. It is very likely that during the process, the phone has to be restarted one or more times. Do not worry, it’s completely normal. Do not interrupt the installation in any way (in fact, we recommend you take out some time in the day for anything you do not need to use the terminal). In a few minutes you can start enjoying your Marshmallow Android 6.0 Huawei GX8.

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