If you play Pokémon GO you have to know these tricks

Half the world is already playing Pokémon GO, but go out and start capturing Charmanders, Squirtles and company is not as easy as it seems. Then we gather some basic tricks and secrets that every player should know.
If you play Pokémon GO you have to know these tricks
Make it your initial Pokémon Pikachu
Pikachu can be yours from the beginning with this trick (Pokémon Company)
As in Pokémon Game Boy, just start you will be offered a choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle as your starting Pokémon. However, there is a trick to get Pikachu from the beginning.

To do this you just have to stay away from the initial three Pokémon and not throwing any Poké Ball. If you repeat this process four times Pikachu appear on the screen and you can capture it. You can see the process in this video.

Need Poké Balls? The Poké Stops are the solution
Poké visit regularly stop is basic (Justin Lane / EFE)
If you go right Poké Balls with which to capture the creatures you find a good solution is to use the Poké stops you’ll find distributed everywhere. These locations will allow you to get Poké Balls and other items,

But there’s more … regenerate Every five minutes! So if you live near one of these Poké Paradas you can recharge your reservations for Poké Balls comfortably at home.

Consider the environment
Ens with lawn areas are more likely to find the type Pokémon ‘plant’ (Twitter)
Some Pokémon only appear in certain parts of the map. For example, in sea areas near a river or the sea, more water Pokémon appear. The same applies to the type Pokémon “plant”, you’ll find more easily in parks and grassy areas.

Another factor that also influences out to explore is whether day or night. Probably we find different Pokémon.

From here, your intuition and logic can help you locate many of the Pokémon guiándote by their type.

How to attract more Pokémon?
Some of the Pokémon that we’ve captured in the port of Barcelona (Albert Garcia)
There are times when we can not move from where we are. What if we want to play Pokémon Go and capture a copy? In these cases a good idea to use items like the “incense”.

If we use this object for 30 minutes will increase the chances that the Pokémon come to our position.

Similarly works called “Cebo Module”, an item applied on a Poké will stop for 30 minutes Pokémon tend to approach this point. The good thing about the latter is that all players who pass by can take advantage of this benefit.

Follow the footprints
Each step represents a distance of about 100 meters (LVD)
If within map touch the icon at the bottom right of the screen, we will show a list of Pokémon that can be found in that area. If you look below you will see that each silhouette appear some small footprints.

These steps serve to indicate the approximate distance to which is the Pokémon. Thus, each track represents a distance of about 100 meters. If you are looking Pokémon has three tracks touch you walk a little, but certainly worth the effort.

Leave your finger pressed when you throw the Poké Ball
The technique is also important when launching a Poké Ball (Remko De Waal / EFE)
As we did when we played Pokémon Game Boy, and it seems that Pokémon Go still works. When you cast a Poké Ball if you let your finger down the chances that captures the Pokémon will increase.

Notice also the circle surrounding the Pokémon before attempting to capture him. If yellow is moderately difficult, and if it is red even more.

Save battery by turning off augmented reality
Disable augmented reality allows to save some battery (gaming.stackexchange.com)
If when you try to capture a Pokémon you touch the “AR” button on the top right of the screen you can disable the augmented reality. Doing so can save some battery which makes good lack -.

The first update addresses privacy issues
Go Pokémon already has its first update (Akio Kon / Bloomberg)
The first update for the game is now available on the App Store and Google Play. This new version fixes the privacy issues that caused the fact that the game had full access to the Google account of its users.

For the change to take effect you need to download the update 1.0.1 Pokémon Go, log into the game and re-enter. In addition, other errors also solves stability in the game.

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