Inno3D GTX 980Ti X3 DHS

New GTX 980 Ti for Inno3D GTX 980 Ti with X3 DHS. A card that does not really seem different from other references of the brand at first sight, yet!
She brings some aesthetic changes to the AirBoss cooling system, three 92mm fans that can now be enclosed in housings of different colors: red, white or red.
Inno3D gtx 980ti x3 customizable dhs powerful graphics card
Gadget, of course, but the idea is there and seems easy to apply.
The frequencies used are of 1216MHz / 1317Mhz for the GPU and 7280MHz for memory 6GB. The bundle includes a large mouse mat, and the card takes advantage of a simple backplate.

Inno3D GTX 980Ti X3 DHS

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