Intel 8 Skylake & Broadwell

Intel last weekend eight new 14-nm processor models without big announcement added to its official price list: two desktop and six mobile CPUs. The two desktop models are Core and Core i5-6420P i3-6098P, the ‘P’ in the past always stood for CPUs without integrated graphics, but this is not the case here.

Intel 8 Skylake & Broadwell

Intel Core and Core i5-6420P i3-6098P are Skylake series and differ only slightly from Core i3-6100 and Core i5-6400. The new models use but the Intel HD Graphics 510 instead of 530, so are somewhat weaker on this point. The Core i3-6098P dual-core processor running at 3.6 GHz instead of 3.7, costs 117 dollars but the same as the Core i3-6100. The Core i5-6420P with four cores running against it with 2.8 instead of 2.7 GHz, but the price is $ 182 and the same as the Core i5-6400.

The two new Pentium 3855U and 3955U Dual-Core models belong to the Pentium ultra-low-voltage series for notebooks and support unlike other Pentiums this family no Hyper-Threading are, for with $ 107 instead of $ 161, but a whole piece cheaper.

The other four mobile processors carry the first time the abbreviation ‘you’ in the product name and it is still unclear what that means exactly. When the specifications mentioned in the price list, these models do not differ from recent namely CPUs with the same or nearly the same product numbers.

The following table shows the new processor models and their specifications and compares them with some of the previous CPUs. The latter are shown in gray.

Intel manufacturing Cores / Threads Cache clock Price
Core i5-6400 14 nm 4/4 2.7GHz 6MB $ 182
Core i5-6402P 14nm 4/4 2.8GHz 6MB $ 182
Core i3-6100 14 nm 2/4 3.7 GHz 3 MB $ 117
Core i3-6098P 14nm 2/4 3.6GHz 3MB $ 117
Core i7-6500U 14nm 2/4 2.5GHz 4MB $ 393
Core i7-6498DU 14nm 2/4 2.5GHz 4MB $ 393
Core i7-5500U 14nm 2/4 2.4GHz 4MB $ 393
Core i7-5500DU 14nm 2/4 2.4GHz 4MB $ 393
Core i5-6200U 14nm 2/4 2.3GHz 3MB $ 281
Core i5-6198DU 14nm 2/4 2.3GHz 3MB $ 281
Core i5-5200U 14nm 2/4 2.2GHz 3MB $ 281
Core i5-5200DU 14nm 2/4 2.2GHz 3MB $ 281
Pentium 4405U 14 nm 2/4 2.1GHz 2MB $ 161
Pentium 3825U 14 nm 2/4 1.9GHz 2MB $ 161
Pentium 3955U 14 nm 2/2 2.0GHz 2MB $ 107
Pentium 3855U 14 nm 2/2 1.6GHz 2MB $ 107
Stand: 12.29.2015

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