Intel cam RealSense series 400 Euclid Developer Kit

During the IDF 2016, Intel announced the evolution of its 3D camera RealSense 400 series, a technology that is widely used in a variety of segments, such as robotics, drones and more.

If the main features remain similar, greatly increases the accuracy in detection of the surrounding environment, with more than double the points captured in a three-dimensional environment, and a further doubling of the analyzed field. One of the strong points is certainly represented by the dimensions of this solution can be integrated into a large number of devices made by other companies, without a large impact on the design.
Intel cam RealSense series 400 Euclid Developer Kit

Intel also announced Euclid Developer Kit, device based on RealSense technology, equipped with Atom processor and wireless connectivity. Provided along with a utility development, it is designed to provide developers with a tool to create a wide range of applied RealSense technologies, such as robotic area by improving the perception of the surrounding environment, or even in drones, making them able to move with greater precision among various obstacles during the flight.

The new hardware is only a first step, now it will be up to developers to exploit the potential of this technology, applying it to real use devices

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