Intel Coffe Lake

While waiting to see the moves of the CPU manufacturer when the silicon limit is reached, Intel reveals interesting news regarding its roadmap and particularly the mainstream products, ie the majority of those sold on the consumer market.

We know that the Santa Clara company will switch to 10nm only in 2018 with Cannonlake, but in the meantime we will have two more generations of processors, Kaby Lake and Lake Coffe. We know Kaby Lake that will come from Coffè Lake, according to the leaked information, will be an additional “refresh” with production process to 14 nm in 2017 and will be an optimization of Skylake, followed in 2018.

Intel Coffe Lake

The real news is that Coffe Lake will bring the 6-Core processors in the mainstream segment, with interesting features regarding the TDP. Coffe Lake will be a Quad / Six Core with TDP between 35 and 45 watts and integrated graphics GT3e, equipped with onboard video memory.

If these specifications are confirmed, Intel’s optimizing the production process to 14nm will be substantial, just think of the current 6-Core Processors of Broadwell-EP series with a 150 Watt TDP.

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