Intel Coffee Lake

The launch of Intel processors Kaby Lake has not yet ended and indeed continue for most of 2017, but the Santa Clara company also plans the introduction of two new chip families between the end of next year (late 2017) and the beginning of 2018: Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake. Perhaps someone will be a bit ‘too early to talk about it, since there is more than a year, but Intel is working out the final details before the official presentation, as shown by tables and slide circulating on the web.

Intel Coffee Lake

Cannon Lake should be the first series of products manufactured with the manufacturing process to 10 nm, although the first units available will be characterized by a TDP between 5.2W and 15W, then indicated for portable computers, tablets, and other devices where the efficiency energy is a key priority. Coffee Lake will include hand made chips with 14 nm manufacturing process and TDP of 15W, 18W, and 45W TDP and higher mobile devices to desktop versions.
In the last hours, however, some interesting details have emerged (and until now unknown) just on this family.
Intel is expected to release chips Coffee Coffee Lake and Lake-U-H for laptops, tablets and hybrids while Coffee Coffee Lake and Lake-S-X for desktop PCs, compact PCs and Mini PC. One of the most important changes is the introduction of 6-core processors in the series Coffee Lake-X, S and H probably to better compete with the upcoming AMD chip that Zen also promise eight cores for some CPUs. Coffee Lake-U, which should be directed to ultraportables, ultrabooks and hybrid 2-in-1, will chip dual-core and quad-core processors with TDP of 15W and 28W just like Kaby Lake counterparts (and Skylake before).

For now we do not know exactly what to expect, but considering Moore’s Law and its redefinition, these processors should provide a performance boost (especially graphics), memory, and new technologies. We’ll see, but it will take time.

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