Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick is a handheld that once connected to a HDMI port transforms any screen into a functional computer.

Its size is in sight and is slightly larger than a USB flash drive so you can store it in a pocket and take your computer anywhere. Intel Compute Stick includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, microSD card reader, HDMI and USB.

Already on the market similar models like the MeeGoPad or other few with ARM SoC as the Dell Wyse, but if you want something directly from Intel and specific support for Windows and Linux, the device will be available this semester.

Two versions are offered. The first Windows 8.1 With Bing installed with Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage with selling price in the $ 149.

The second install Linux (do not know the version) with Intel Atom Bay Trail, 1 Gbyte of RAM and 8 GB of storage with selling price in the $ 89. Interesting for users or professionals who require a basic computer that can carry and connect anywhere

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