Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake

Skylake -6ta Intel Core-generation processors are here to stay. This time, we have the workhorse of the line, which offers good price / performance ratio, great room for overclocking and low consumption: the Intel Core i5 6600K preset.

This 14 nanometer chip, prepared for the new socket LGA1151 motherboards, integrates 4 cores. It supports DDR4 memories and DDR3L low voltage, in turn adding efficiency with respect to Haswell, the previous generation of processors (also known as the 5th generation of Intel Core).

Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake

Before talking about the chip, a differential we noticed at first glance is its packaging. Both the i5 6600K preset as its big brother, the i7 6700K, come with a completely renovated and colorful package.

The Core i5 6600K preset comes with 4 cores at 3.50 GHz (4 wires are only processing that does not bring the HyperThreading technology and i7), and its frequency rises thanks to the turbo snuggles to 3.90 GHz. Thus, almost treading stock frequency of 6700K (4 GHz).

On the side of its cache, this new model brings in its 6 MB Level 3 (L3), 4 x 256 KB level two, and an L1 unit with 4 x 4 x 32 KB + 32 KB.
Here we see the LGA 1151 chip had a chance to evaluate.

Here we see the LGA 1151 chip had a chance to evaluate.

Micro offers a consumption amounting to 91 W, higher than in the previous generation chips, but that was largely due to increased performance in the integrated graphics processing section.

The CPU Z Skylake reveals that this software comes with a fairly complete set of instructions, much like the Haswell units: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, VT-x, AES, AVX, AVX2, FMA3 and TSX.

In addition, the micro technology brings a ninth-generation graphics.

In addition, and has a significant development regarding Haswell: power system does not use the internal FIVR regulator but it regulates from the outside, through the motherboard, thus achieving voltage limits expand and also reduce operating temperatures.

On the memory side, the big news is support Skylake DDR4 memories. We must not forget that the processors also support DDR3L (low voltage), but to be used must have a motherboard that accepts this type of modules. But it makes sense to directly move to DDR4.
CPU-Z shows the technical features of Core i5 6600K preset.

CPU-Z shows the technical features of Core i5 6600K preset.
Synthetic and comparative tests

As seen, adding the letter K in its nomenclature, the chip reveals the possibility of overclocking, as its multiplier is unlocked. In addition, Intel has enabled the modification of the base bus (BCLK) at 1 MHz.

By using CineBech 11.5, the i5 660K gives an average score of 6.99 using the normal frequency of factory (stock) with activated turbo. With a slight overclock to 4.4 GHz (multiplier and raising the stock cooler), the 6600K preset reaches almost to the same power of Core i7 4770K Haswell, with a score of 8.40. But it remains below the i7 6700K, offering a score of 10.06 to 4 GHz.

Another benchmark we use is that CPU-Z offers. Compared to a 3.0 GHz i7 5960X the 3.5 GHz i5 6600K preset gains in single-core test (1451 versus 1267). But he lost in multi-core, with 4277 against 9649 showing the 5960X. However, consumption of the new generation becomes lower.

As a final test of synthetic performance WPrime 32M it is the performance reveals overclocked 7.748 seconds, compared to 7.748 showing the test without overclock.

Something I noticed after hours of testing with the i5 and i7 6700K, is that this model of i5 allows to reach a wider range of overclocking, running at 4.4 GHz frequency stably and failures activity.
Cinebench R11.5. We see two outstanding scores: the highest corresponds to 6600K preset overclocked to 4.4 GHz, while the second is often micro factory.

Cinebench R11.5. We see two outstanding scores: the highest corresponds to 6600K preset overclocked to 4.4 GHz, while the second is often micro factory.
New integrated graphics

The integrated graphics called HD Graphics530. Jumps to 48 execution units compared to 20 who had the HD 4600. The operating frequency of the HD 530 is 1.15 GHz and the memory bandwidth is 34.1 GB / s.

On the one hand, we submitted to 6600K preset with your graphics to synthetic test, the software Ungine Valley, where the integrated reveals a score of 235 with 5.6 fps in 1080p average and extreme quality. By adding a GTX 980 system, the score improved to figures of 2844 and average 68 fps in the same quality.

In the section on gaming, taking some titles like Metal Gear V, Metro Last Light and Tomb Raider, we noticed the i5 6600K preset is ideal for running these games at 1080p resolution, low or medium quality, unfiltered, with a fluidity that varies between 19 and 40 fps, depending on the game. This chip is better than AMD A10 6800K behaves, and comes very close to 4770K working with Intel integrated HD 4600.

If adding a dedicated graphics card (GTX 980) will improve the rate of fps. At the same games, but this time as Ultra, with filters and 1080p, you can reach stable rates of 60 fps activating the V-Sync and NVIDIA volumetric technologies.

In addition, the system works very well when it comes to video playback 4K and Full HD. In both cases, we saw that there is no lag phase shift audio to videos.

The area of ​​the chip Core i5 6600K preset contacts.

After testing the Intel Core i5 6600K preset, we emphasize that is the perfect piece of hardware to build a high-end gamer PC with a dedicated graphics next generation. Or a PC (not gamer) midrange with integrated graphics, which makes it suitable for work tasks or a casual player desktop.

On the side of its price / performance, we note that this processor is much more interesting than its big brother, the i7 6700K, since, with a slight overclock, approaches a 4th generation i7 and allows us to migrate memories DDR4 type.

As for price, around $ 4700, compared to $ 7000 i7 6700K or 4770K i7 $ 5000.

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