Intel Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E

Not many changes that Intel has introduced with respect to Broadwell Haswell-E-E. From the physical point of view, the difference is undoubtedly the new architectural change from the current 22 to 14 nm Broadwell-E. But these differences justify a change in the user’s tastes? We will analyze first hand then with the new Intel Core i7-6950X processor.

Let’s say, as is obvious, the simple passage to the architecture of 14 nm does not justify the change even for a type of public very specific having processors up to ten cores, as is the processor that today we analyze if it is an important step. In terms of virtualization and coding, for instance, the number of nuclei can be a differentiating factor.

Max Turbo Boost Technology 3.0. The other big difference.
The adjustment of the frequency of each core based on the loads of the processes themselves may have meant a significant step forward in terms of new technology given that consumption will be more controlled and use of cores of a processor will to be more efficient. In any case that is a subject that some may have seemed interesting and not others.


As for the purely palpable (or tangible, as we think) the main changes between Haswell-E and Broadwell-E come from the hand of Skylake and that the main differences are changes in terms of connections to storage media . If not, and within my limited knowledge, I could not conceive great differences between the old and current X99 boards that could not be solved with a simple flashing bios to allow me to use the new processors.

We do not want to be an influence on your future decision but, in my humble opinion, our obligation is trasladaros the new information that we have aportándola as objectively as possible. The only thing that it is totally objective is that Intel decided on 31 May, to shelve its old technology for HEDT computers and replaced by new Broadwell-E. Is it worth the change? one of the things that is proud hardzone is the critical spirit of its readers so up to you to decide whether or not it should change

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