Intel Core i7-7700K

Several times I have talked about the upcoming Intel architecture, Kaby Lake, and its top-end processor for the consumer sector, the Core i7-7700K. Today we know that (theoretically) will be launched in December this year, but now, thanks to an online Estonia, and also know its price: 360.35 euros.

The online store lists the Core i7-7700K in presale at a price of 360.35 euros, and further confirms the technical specifications we already knew about the processor, although it is true that it is possible that they have collected from the published by thousands of Internet media and not from Intel itself (now remember, until the official publication of the manufacturer nothing is certain), but as I show below a speed different operating shown to that mentioned in the rumors. We have taken the following capture if they decide to withdraw from the web processor.

The Intel Core i7-7700K will have four cores and eight threads thanks to Hyperthreading process technology that will operate at a base speed of 4.2 Ghz, 4.5 Ghz reaching in Turbo mode (if you look this Turbo speed is greater than what was supposed to have). It will feature 256KB L2 cache per core and 8MB shared L3 cache and will have a TDP of 95 watts.

As you know, desktop processors based on the new architecture Kaby Lake, including the Core i7-7700K of which I speak today, they still use the Intel socket LGA1151, so in theory it is not necessary that the current owners of a platform Skylake motherboard change if they want to upgrade to Kaby Lake, a mere firmware update is not necessary. It has been that way for generations and therefore take it for granted, although Intel could surprise at the end

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