Intel Core i9

For nearly ten years now, Intel has decided to classify its processors according to an alphanumeric scheme based on generation and product line, following the brand and its modifier. The offer of Santa Clara for top-of-the-range devices includes Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 chips, which generally have a higher number of higher performance and features followed by a four-digit sequence ( The first digit indicates the processor generation and the next three digits are related to the SKUs).

Intel Core i9

From rumors circulating on the net, however, Intel would be widening the family to a new component: the photo taken on a slide projected in a private event would show the existence of the first Intel Core i9 processors. Their launch seems to be scheduled for the summer, perhaps for June at Computex 2017, which will open in just over two weeks.

If the information were correct, the first Intel Core i9 chips would be part of the Intel Skylake-X processor family of high-power desktop models, ranging from Core i9-7800X with 6 core to Core i9-7920X with 12 core. Each chip has a 140 watt TDP with support for DDR4-2666 quad-channel memory and hyperthreading (so the 12-core chip can handle 24 simultaneous threads), but the Santa Clara company should launch at the same time a couple of processors Quad-core Intel Kaby Lake-X 112 watts with less brilliant performance despite being based on a more recent architecture.

We will not know what the actual performance of the Intel Core i9 respects to the existing Core i7 or the new AMD Ryzen until we have the first benchmarks in hand but, considering that the new AMD chips promise competitive performance at a small price, it will be interesting to see how The next Santa Clara processors will be positioned. The appointment is scheduled for late May / early June in Taipei.

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