Intel Core vPro Skylake

Intel has announced the availability of the family of Intel Core vPro sixth generation for modern businesses. The new version of the Intel Core vPro processor meets the requirements of safety and productivity of large companies with innovations in terms of authentication security, performance and collaboration, ideal for devices 2 in 1, Ultrabook, all-in-one and the most recent PC desktop.

Hackers find new ways to get into old PCs through their virtual port, that is, by stealing user credentials and gaining access privileges within organizations. Today more than half of the data breaches starts with the misuse or theft of user credentials. Old PC-using passwords of eight characters to be changed every 90 days could fit a decade ago, but the increasingly sophisticated methods of attack require a higher level of security.
Intel Core vPro (Skylake) To solve this problem, Intel is previewing a new security solution – Intel Authenticate – which allows companies to start their internal phase of testing and qualification. Intel Authenticate is a solution of multi-factor authentication, using optimized hardware, which strengthens the protection of identity in the PC, making it less vulnerable to attacks aimed at identity credentials and security.
Intel Authenticate verify identities using both a combination that can count to three factors strengthened: information known to the user, such as a personal identification number (PIN); a user device, such as a mobile phone; a physical characteristic of the user, like a fingerprint. IT departments can choose between multiple factors strengthened or authentication systems based on the policy of the company and are no longer forced to rely on the fact that employees have to remember complicated passwords. Intel Authenticate is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and is available as a preview for customers.

The notebook dated can cost companies $ 4,203 a year, every 3 PC in terms of maintenance costs and lost productivity. The new business PCs help to solve this problem by offering performance up to 2.5 times and an increase of 30 times the graphics performance compared to a device five years ago, giving users much greater productivity and powerful business tools.

Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Toshiba are launching devices designed for companies, equipped with the new Intel processors. Companies can choose from a wide variety of designs, including devices 2 in 1, Ultrabook, ultra thin clamshell, Mini PC and desktop PC all-in-one, created specifically for the workplace and to meet the needs of companies of any size.

The way companies collaborate globally is changing, although the means of meeting that should allow effective meetings have not kept pace with a workforce increasingly geographically dispersed. Intel introduces a series of updates to the United Intel to enable a smarter and connected to make meetings in the workplace. Updates include visualization features extended so that participants no longer have to look for the right adapter or dongle. Both participants when those who can remotely view and interact in real time with the content in a more effective and safe. Employees can immediately begin meetings using screens or projectors new or existing. Automatic disconnection and integration of Skype for Business offer customers a smoother experience during meetings.
To small and medium-sized enterprises Intel offers Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA), an easy to use solution that helps owners of SMEs to protect and grow their businesses. It provides small and medium businesses an easy and centralized way to connect and share information, combined with automatic updates of security and maintenance. Intel SBA includes collaboration features, such as chat and file sharing, along with security features, such as USB Blocker, to help the owners of SMEs to have more control over the data of their companies

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