Intel HPC Knight’s Landing Xeon Phi

The first Intel Xeon Phi accelerator (Knight’s Landing) have already been shipped to stores. According to Intel, Knight’s Landing is the x86 architecture with the highest number of physical cores that the company has ever developed, and certainly the top end of the family incorporates a whopping 72 processing cores.

The previous generation of graphics accelerators Intel (Knight’s Corner) using the same architecture as the Intel Pentium (P54C) but modified processors. Now, Intel has improved this architecture and packaged in a single device (the graphics accelerator Xeon Phi) an entire autonomous accelerator system with integrated liquid-cooled, six sockets for RAM, dual-port Gigabit network, 16GB of MCDRAM, AVX -512 and up to 72 nuclei. In fact, according to Intel in this new generation you can boot the system directly from the accelerator Xeon Phi, allowing you to create clusters of processing only accelerator without need for other Xeon processor managing it all (although yes it will take a plaque connect, of course).

Intel HPC Knight’s Landing Xeon Phi

The new Xeon Phi accelerator Knight’s Landing are manufactured with 14 nanometer lithography, and significantly improved memory controller is now able to deliver a bandwidth of up to 400 GB / s. Support 36 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes and use the Omni-Path architecture called to work together with several accelerator cards.

Here you can see a slide published by the manufacturer that the characteristics of the full range seen, including the dollar price of each, the number of cores, speed, RAM and even the TDP.

Xeon Phi models

In theory, and although Intel has said it has already sent the first products to distributors, will not be until the month of September or October when they can buy. Logically these accelerator cards are aimed at companies and professionals with large computing needs.

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