Intel Joule

As expected, the trademark of Intel Atom is not dead. After dismissing him from his chips for notebook, tablet PC and Mini, the Santa Clara company has decided to relaunch it with a new look tailor-made for processors intended for IoT (Internet of Things devices). At IDF 2016 in San Francisco, Intel unveiled a new SoM – which stands for System-on-a-Module – for developers: it is called Intel Joule and is based on a new Intel Atom chip.
The Joule platform is able to support the input from Intel Realsense cameras and other sensors, allowing devices to detect and react to the world around them. It also features an integrated WiFi 802.11ac module and is capable of recording 4K video. Measuring 45 x 22 mm, so it is small enough to stay in wearable, smart glass and robots.

Intel Joule

Some hundreds of Intel Joule units have been delivered to the developers present at IDF San Francisco, but Santa Clara has promised that the module will soon be also online sales with shipments beginning in September. There will be two platforms available at launch:
Joule 550x
T5500 Intel Atom quad-core 1.5GHz 64-bit
of 8GB eMMC
Joule 570x
Intel Atom Z5700 quad-core 1.7GHz 64-bit
16GB of eMMC
Both versions support Bluetooth 4.1 and USB 3.0, are equipped with MPI interfaces, CSI, DSI, GPIO, I2C, and UART and run on Linux-based software developed for the IoT and smart device applications. Intel will make available to developers even a kit, which will include an expansion card to substantially transform the small Joule in a real Mini developer-friendly PC. Some shop Americans as Newegg, have already released the product page of Joule 570x developer kit proposed to $ 370. The expansion card is equipped with USB 3.0 Type-A and Type-C, a micro HDMI, microSD card slot, two 30pin connectors and two WiFi antennas.

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