Intel NUC VR-Ready

Oculus, HTC and Sony are among the first companies to launch virtual reality goggles for high-end, but Google has beaten all the time when (several months ago) has presented a sheet of cardboard folded with a pair of lenses (ed. Cardboard ), virtual reality and other media experiences with video 360 ° on the smartphone. The success of that viewer do-it-yourself is basically in two factors: the low-cost price (just $ 5) and the chance to try it now with any smartphone and with no additional requirements.

Intel NUC wearable

According to the latest market analysis, by 2018 we will see the peak of viewers based smartphones, followed by those for the PC that will have slower growth, until the all-in-one vision that will dominate the market from 2020 onwards. And Intel, will not be caught unprepared: the Santa Clara company has launched, at IDF 2016 in San Francisco, the new Project Alloy platform for viewers VR all-in-one (that is, with all the hardware equipment crammed into helmet) and showed his first computer project VR-ready wearable as a mesh.
does not have a name, even though we can imagine will belong to the family of Intel NUC, but this Mini PC incorporates the concept of the backpacks-PC already introduced by HP, Zotac, MSI, Dell and Gigabyte, simplifying it. In this case there is a backpack or a hard case to PC protection, but simply the computer is coupled to a waistcoat that distributes the weight evenly on the front and rear. A similar solution is not only lighter, but also more economic and – potentially – versatile, because it will allow to accessorise the “bib” with any PC intended to virtual reality.

This is still a prototype, so it is unclear if they ever come on the market or if producers decide to adopt it, but we know that incorporates an Intel Core processor i7-6785R (Skylake) with Iris Pro 580, 8GB of RAM LPDDR3-2166MHz , solid state storage and two separate batteries in different parts of the jacket.

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