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Intel may be about to make major disposals in the field of cyber security. This was reported by the Financial Times (FT). The number one chip could sell Intel Security, McAfee result of the acquisition, which took place in 2010 to more than seven billion dollars.

The Santa Clara company is in talks with some banks to seek buyers and assess the various options on the table, to get rid of Intel Security, formerly known as McAfee. The acquisition was made in order to enter directly into the security processor solutions against malware and other cyber threats: the Santa Clara company architectures contemplate these security measures, but it seems that the investment has not given the expected fruits.

The company led by CEO Brian Krzanich conducted a rebranding strategy, lasted about a year before completion. The McAfee shield remained in the security solutions logo, where, however, stands out in a clear manner to Intel. The transition was completed in 2014.
It has not changed the company structure, with McAfee that has remained a subsidiary. In this way, the veldor of the chip has tried to present itself as a provider of security solutions on each type of device.

Last April, the CEO Brian Krzanich has unveiled a Strategy, increasingly focused on the data center market, the Internet of Things (IoT) for cars and connected devices, and submissions. The company remains naturally in the PC market, but more and more interested in the segment of hybrid 2-in-1 (the fastest-growing) and less within desktop and traditional notebook.

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