Intel Skylake overclock

The frequency with which works a processor is determined by two parameters: the base frequency (100 or 200 MHz) and the multiplier of this value. To increase the working frequency of the processor, then, and to practice the so-called overclocking, it is possible to act on the system bus or the multiplier.

Intel Skylake overclock

Until a few years ago it was acting mainly on the system bus but today such an operation is often bound to cause more than a few instability. Most of the elements that make up the motherboard in turn depend on the frequency base and increase this value could be due to problems.

Skylake, also overclock the processors other than K

The base clock is always freely modified but in the architecture Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell, as mentioned, an overclock pushed just beyond the 103-105 MHz can result in signal degradation and loss of data, and the PCIe interface unit data storage.

In the case of Intel processors with the initials K (see Sigle Intel: what they mean) offer a fully unlocked multiplier that allows overclockers to set fire to the fuses.
The architecture Skylake, however, further changes the scenario causing variations on the base frequency will have an impact on the elements that make up the CPU, integrated graphics and memory DRAM.

The various motherboard manufacturers are therefore working to meet overclockers and also speed processors Skylake “non-K”.

Spokesman ASRock Supermicro and (it has gone much too sull’overclocking of DDR4: ASRock takes overclocking of DDR4 other chipset Skylake), for example, said they were able to increase the clock speed of processors Skylake different from the K series

ASRock, in particular, has already done this to be able to increase the frequency of the Pentium G4400 by more than 20%, of the Core i3-6300T of a 20% and Core i5-6600 of over 30%. Results obtained from the use of a motherboard Z170 OC Formula.
Changing the clock speeds will be possible, in a simple way, by means of a BIOS update that will be made available in the coming weeks and that can be installed on several models of motherboards.

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