Intel SSD 750 PCIe

It is the ultimate storage solution incorporated into the catalog of Intel. It is the first of a series aimed PC enthusiast market and professional machines work, and so far the only chip giant was offering for servers and enterprise applications.

Its performance is spectacular, moving data to 2400 Mbytes per second in reading, 1,200 Mbytes per second in write mode and 4K random read speed reaching stratospheric figure of 440,000 IOPS.

This is possible by the use of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller) interface defined for the operation of solid state drives connected to port PCIe, in this case a x4 PCIe Gen 3.

Intel SSD 750 uses PCIe NAND Flash MLC developed by the firm in manufacturing than 20 nanometers. Intel declares a minimum rate of resistance up to 219 Tbytes written and mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1.2 million hours.


Another aspect (for good) of these Intel SSD 750 is that its price is below the per GB, something not remember in this type of PCIe units, the fastest in the market. Intel recommends a price of $ 389 for the drive with 400 GB of storage and $ 1,029 for the top model offers 1.2 Tbytes. Only have announced these two variants.

Although they are more expensive than SSD SATA in the same capacity and much more expensive than hard drives, its performance is impressive and moving a promising future for the SSD, sweeping the market portable short-term solutions for desktop PCs how are you so powerful SSD 750 that extend medium term.

Of course, if you bet on your purchase you should know that these models (like other PCIe SSD) may not work in all motherboards as a boot device. Intel only guarantees compatibility with motherboards Z97 and X99 with Windows 7 64-bit or higher. The company is preparing a compatibility matrix for older hardware that will be available to the public. The possibility exists that motherboard manufacturers update the UEFI batteries to add support for other chipsets.

No more storage devices are the ugly duckling computer and the real bottleneck

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