iOS 10

Apple have wanted to step forward regarding the possibilities of the new iPhone and iPad. Why they have announced the new version of its iOS operating system, which reaches the tenth version. An update that will bring interesting news and views regarding functionality and little exploited. Thus the 3D Touch or pressure pulsation will much more notable applications beyond presence. Just the same happens to Siri, that will open more tools to become a more useful assistant. All it accompanied, again, by some visual tweaks and redesigns.

The news comes directly from the WWDC, or what is the same, the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple. An annual event to take the opportunity to discuss the latest progress made to like you develop and, of course, users. Qualities that just improving the experience of the iPhone and iPad with developments regarding applications, new features, and enhanced functionality.

iOS 10

First we must talk about a redesign of the lock screen. Following requests from users, this screen is now much more complete with widget, expandable notifications and shortcuts. Also, now you only need grab the iPhone to activate the screen without pressing any buttons through the use of sensors. So, if any notification available as a message, you can use the strong push or 3D Touch to make use of options such as reply to the message. In addition, since this new screen, you can activate the camera by sliding your finger from right to left, or deploy tools to doing just the opposite. Issues that make this much more useful lock screen about iOS 9.

ios 10

3D Touch also opens for more developers to integrate it into their applications. Thus, any start button can be pressed tightly to extract new options and quick actions. In the show, this has been pressing the ESPN sports application, showing on-screen scoreboards for the user without access to the tool.

The known assistant Siri also takes a step forward in this regard. And it also opens to other applications. With it, you can answer the questions that are related third party applications such as being able to dictate a message to a contact on WhatsApp, or request the collection of Uber car, for example.

But iOS 10 also brings new features as standard applications iPhone and iPad. Something that note on the keyboard, which now integrates deep learning and deep learning, which means that not only understands what the user types, but also understands. This will help make the predictions more useful and appropriate in each case, or to suggest issues calendar entries, the location from where or by whom chat is written. It will also enable the automatic language change when the user types in a specific language.

ios 10

As to the Photos app, Apple has wanted to step in the direction marked by Google Photos. So, iOS 10 will now recognize faces automatically in the user gallery. In addition, will group snapshots according to the friends who appear in them, and it will be possible to search for objects.

Messages application also improves with this update, enabling use of larger Emoji emoticons for greater emphasis. And now they can hide messages with an invisible ink to slide your finger over it. Something that will hide in sight, whether it is text and photos, to avoid the gossips.

In addition, the Telephone application is able to detect spam calls between those that are not. Something that will prevent more than one user to answer telemarketers.

ios 10

The new IOS 10 also extend to the Apple music service Music, which has been simplified in design and aesthetics. But what will appeal to users is the introduction of the lyrics, which may be consulted during playback. Finally, Apple News, the news app, has shown improvements in design and the ability to receive notifications alerting event last minute.

In addition, as a star point, I must say that iOS uninstall applications 10 allow Apple serial unused. Thus, it is possible to remove, for example, the contacts application. And it is that all these tools are available in the App Store.

Questions, all that will be left to see much more detail in the autumn when the new iPhone devices are presented, as usual. At the moment, developers will have to wait until July to begin to grope the new IOS 10 and adapt their applications.

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