iPad Pro 2

Although most of the news we hear these days relate to the new iPhone, we know almost with certainty will be presented in September, every now and then we also know something about the new iPad, which could be presented either in October, as in recent years, both in March as it happened for the first iPad and the latest model presented, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The rumor that runs on the internet these days is a picture of what appears to be the iPad Pro 2, the successor to the iPad Pro.
In the picture you can not see much, because it is shown to the Settings app, in Chinese, from which we can deduce only a few details. We see that this device is installed the beta version of iOS 10, and we see that there is an identification code which until now has not been used for any other iPad.

iPad Pro 2
Unfortunately, these are the only information about the new device, for two photos that appear to have been taken directly into factory production and that would seem to be about a iPadche still is a prototype, not a final version already in production, at least according to what the experts say. Of technical specifications, as well as innovative features, in these photos we have not even a shadow.
For this reason, always assuming that the photos are true (but analyzed with advanced programs seem to be) it is possible that in the production factories are beginning to plan to put the new device in the chain, and this could also indicate a likely output in the month of September. Nothing confirmed or official, however, but the fact that they begin to be available of the rumor could mean just that.
Of course we will inform when we will know something more, even if the idea of ​​the presentation of an iPad in October begins to be interesting: after all, is not the first time that Apple has two iPad in a year (iPad 3 and iPad 4) and at the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in October will have a year to live.

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