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A year Apple again to make a dual presentation of your mobile terminal. And it seems to have definitively left behind the habit of staking everything on one winning horse. Thus, next to newcomer iPhone 7 we have also known the iPhone 7 Plus, which comes with the older brother due to screen size.

The presentation was held in the auditorium Bill Graham in San Francisco, California (USA), and in it we have seen the virtues of this new flagship Apple: screen X-inch, a new design and centered on protection water and, of course, your A10 processor, which as announced rumors, offers unparalleled power in the mobile market today. But let us find out all these key step by step.

Design Water and dust resistant
It is undoubtedly one of the true innovations of this generation iPhone. Its waterproof design is present in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. An IP67 certification that allows immersion in liquids up to a meter deep without risk of ending up with him. Something that also applies to dust, it can not find some opening slots for mobile. To do this, the engineering team has sealed every one of the holes in the device, even the edge of his iconic apple. To know how much will be tough and what precautions we have to avoid ending prematurely with the iPhone 7 Plus will wait to have it at hand.


iphone 7 plus

But the news of its design do not stay in this certification and protection. Although stylistically iPhone 7 Plus is little short of the iPhone 6 Plus, some lines and finishes make the difference. regard also what is not. In his presentation, a video of its designer, Johnny Ive, has shown innovation in terms of the creation process. Each body is perforated and polished aluminum with different processes to achieve real and finishing. Next to aluminum, glass finishes and recognizable Premium generate that feeling of Apple, marrying quality standards that the Cupertino company has accustomed us.

Another new point in the design is the color. Along with the already classic black (matte), gold, silver and rose gold, now we must add a new black. They called jet black, and have achieved a special brightness thanks to magnetic polishing process. Issues that in the end each user must decide according to your style and taste.

Closes a redesign of Home or Home button. Something that does not change color or shape this useful tool, but that makes it faster and more reliable for all tasks performed: read tracks, activate Siri, turn on the screen, etc.

News that out, do not stop to draw attention from the previous generation. Unless we look at the back of this device. And the iPhone 7 Plus has a photographic section of the most striking to incorporate as many as two goals and redesigning the look of your LED flash. A section that is not integrated with the body and protrudes slightly although most attractive lines. Something we discussed in depth below.

iphone 7 plus


By the way, do not look for the Jack port 3.5 mm, the iPhone 7 Plus no longer has it.

Double camera to look better
Yes, Apple has jumped into the fashion of double cameras that other manufacturers like Huawei have already hosted. Of course, in their own style and their own methods. As already rumored for some days, one of the models of the new iPhone 7 would have two main objectives or rear instead of just one. Well, it has been the iPhone 7 Plus, and its mission is to take the best pictures possible even if the photographed object is away. And, instead of supporting a sensor on the other to capture better color or depth of the scene, Apple has decided to integrate a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens in the same device. This translates into good photos with wide scenarios and great pictures with distant objects. And yet, in great pictures combining the information gathered by both. But better go to parties.

The two rear cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels. While one captures a scene with more viewing angle (left goal if we look off the back of the phone), the other enhances photos in the distance. In the camera application, this is integrated with a new button that identifies the applied zoom. If we use the 1x mode is activated by default it is to use the wide angle for a scene nearby. If you click once, we turn to 2x to use the telephoto lens and capture distant elements. From here it is possible to add more zoom up to 5x or 10x. This is a digital zoom on these cases and not the goal itself, but by hosting a telephoto lens the result of the picture is much sharper than in other phones. Something that gets great definition both nearby and distant objects.

iphone 7 plus

As a unique feature, the iPhone 7 Plus also features a special portrait mode. Unlike the iPhone 7, which only has a rear end, the two chambers Plus model allow you to create a depth map of the scene. The show has focused only in portraits, creating the famous bokeh effect, in which targets and detailing the user’s face and the background is blurred. A showy effect that gives the photos professionalism and, surely, will create a new trend among users of the new iPhone. Yes, it has to wait until the end of the year to land this functionality by updating the iPhone 7 Plus.

Turning to the technical section, we must say that the main objectives have an opening f / 1.8 that offers high brightness in dark environments, and six elements that help create the sharpest picture possible. According to Apple, its sensors are in the iPhone 6 Plus, and more efficient 30% 60% faster. They also have technology to prevent flickers when doing photos or videos indoors and are able to collect a wide range of color, more accurately reflecting reality. Again, features only hand tests can confirm.

Mention should also redesign LED flash, which is now a Quad-LED. It is this technology that allows four tones more realistically illuminate a dark scene to properly collect colors and avoid flickering lights indoors.

If we talk about the front camera, we find a sensor capable of taking photos 7 megapixel resolution. It features automatic digital image stabilizer to prevent shaking and is also able to pick the colors realistically.

iphone 7 plus


From the pictures, or rather, the pictures that appear videos, photos Live, there are also new. Now have automatic image stabilizer for a more professional and eye-catching effect. They can also be edited and retouched. It has drawn attention, too, that the camera of this iPhone will be compatible with applications that manage and edit photos in RAW format. That is, those photographs that keep all the information and are neither compressed nor edited by telephone.

 Power ever seen on a smartphone
Although it sounds a tagline, and as confirmed recent rumors, Apple has managed to climb one step higher performance terminals. To this helps your A10 chip, which is almost twice more powerful than the iPhone 6. According A9 have commented on the presentation, two of its four cores are in charge of hard work, offering 40% faster than the A9 . Meanwhile, the other two offer efficiency, reducing consumption of the chip 2/3 of the previous generation. Something that will allow running any application and service this iPhone 7 Plus without breaking a sweat.

iphone 7 plus

As for its graphics processor or GPU slouch either. It has six cores to give all the graphics power computer games and video tools. According to Apple, it is 50% faster than the graphics chip accompanying the A9. Something that will come in handy the next Nintendo game that lands on this platform: Super Mario Run.

Slight improvements in the multimedia section
We also find some interesting details regarding this screen and sound iPhone 7 Plus. On the one hand, Apple is betting on its Retina HD panels, which in this case has a size of 5.5 inches. The novelty is that, again according to the company, this screen would offer 25 percent more brightness than the previous model. More important, if only for the purists, is the representation of a wider range of color, more realistic and true to the environment that is captured with the camera tones. It also has the standard film, which ensures quality visual content. All this integrating 3D Touch technology to perform different functions depending on the pressure with which the press.

iphone 7 plus

More interesting is undoubtedly the introduction of two stereo speakers. Something that doubles the power of sound, but also expands the sonic range of the terminal, with improved sound quality and precision. Of course, if you want to connect your old earpods have to use that comes in the package of mobile adapter. And, as claimed rumors, Apple has ignored the port Jack 3.5mm for size and design issues.

iOS 10, price and conclusions
We close this review of the main keys briefly commenting that the iPhone 7 Plus hit the market with iOS 10 series. A new version of Apple’s operating system that provides a redesign of some of its tools like Maps. Changes also affect some functions to get a faster and more convenient to use terminal.

IPhone 7 Plus is already in presale and starts shipping next day on September 16, including Spain as one of the first countries of sale. Another novelty is that, in addition to the new color, Apple has also innovated in storage capacity. So we find that the basic model has 36 GB capacity, and there are two 128 GB and 256 GB. What is striking is that the $ 769 cost in the United States, the price will jump to 909 euros for the European market. And we’re talking about the basic model. The other two models will exceed 1,000 and 1,100 euros.

iphone 7 plus

In short, we see a slight evolution of the iPhone 6 Plus, noting especially in its waterproof and the inclusion of two photographic lenses design. More power, more battery and new features introduced by iOS operating system 10. A terminal with 5.5-inch screen now has two stereo speakers, a new color and promise to be the best device Apple created to date. Something we’ll have to check with our own hands.

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