iPhone 7 Pro

Never run out of images of leaks about the next iPhone 7, of course it is not easy to disentangle alleged fake and real shots, but in recent days we have witnessed a series of losses rather consistent, they really bring to think to know many of the details of the next iPhone by.

Today we offer two recent photos emerged from the well-known Chinese network Weibo, and then reshared by the Dutch blog iPhoneabonnementen.com. The first is the visible head, and how immediately obvious, shows three alleged and distinct terminals, one of which is labeled with the words “iPhone Pro 7”. The source is unknown, and it is rather bizarre, as well as not credible at the time, thinking that Apple wants to release a third version to other iPhone 7:07 Plus. The post is not enriched by details and the photo does not help to steal any differences, therefore we propose it as it appears, letting you draw the conclusions. Moving on to the second image, which is striking for a specific detail.

iPhone 7 Pro

Again the anonymous source is the precedent of the same photo, and shows the rear bodywork of a supposed iPhone model 7. consistent with what was seen before in previous losses today. The detail that is particularly striking is the “S” on the rest, which in the normal frequency of updates, should not affect the next generation iPhone.

It has repeatedly stated that the ten-year model coming in 2017, will be the one on which most Apple aims, and which will see the introduction of AMOLED displays, and other thick feature better not known at the time. That the choice of an S-rebranding in this 2016, will be a move intended to make the move to iPhone 8 more logical?

Hard to say at the time, the risk of facing yet another fake is always high, and only time will provide answers.

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