Jabra Elite Sport

t IFA 2016, Jabra has unveiled Elite Sport, earphones dedicated to the most advanced wireless and always full sport. Represent real support for training, they are waterproof and provide maximum freedom of movement, as well as a long battery life, sound quality (for calls and music) excellent and thorough analysis and personalized fitness parameters.

Jabra Sport Elite support leading operating systems (including iOS and Android) and have a strong emphasis on sound quality, Stereo, both for calls and for listening to music: thanks to the proven expertise of the brand. The earphones are in fact able to analyze external sounds and automatically adapt to so that the background noise is canceled and not disturb communication or music listening.

Jabra Sport Elite
Designed with in mind the idea of ​​maximum freedom, Jabra Elite Sport offer unique wireless experience and allow you to choose whether to wear one only or both. Using headphones with gel ear flaps and in premium foam supports for passive noise reduction and proper bass balance, ensure a firm fit, comfortable and with a simple touch, you can instantly pause the audio to be You can sense what’s around you.
In terms of calls, the Jabra Sport Elite benefit from the 2 built-in microphones in each earpiece. One captures the voice coming from inside, and the other focuses on the external background noise, to cancel them. So you will not be disturbed or during phone calls (for which you will not need to interact with your smartphone), or while listening to music, or if you decide to follow the training included training in fitness features. The battery lasts for 3 hours of uninterrupted calls and music – more than enough for any training session – but you can qualify for 6 additional hours of direct charging by placing the earbuds in their homes with built-in battery.
Jabra Sport Elite also ensure the largest and most comprehensive catalog of instruments for all types of sports training, whatever your starting level and Your goals. This includes an advanced analysis technology of the main parameters involved: heart rate (accuracy of 90%), measurement of VO2 Max level and many other features through the app owner Jabra Sport Life. In particular, the VO2 Max is a biological parameter that expresses the maximum volume of oxygen that a human being can consume. In practice Jabra Sport Elite is able to draw the maximum level of aerobic VO2 for a definitive measurement of health and wellness.

This information is communicated directly through the headset and once finished the training session the Jabra Sport Life app provides a series in information (in real time) including step count, calories burned, level of intensity of the effort, which They will help to improve more and more their own performances. By perfect training partners, Jabra Sport Elite ensure 3 years of extended warranty and have an IP67 standards; They can therefore also accompany for half an hour to 1 meter of water depth.
Jabra Sport Elite will be available during Q4 2016 at a price that will be around 220 Euros.

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