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Did we mention, in recent weeks, problems Jolla: The company, founded and grew thanks to some former executives and engineers Nokia, failed to win his bet with the market and within a few years he lost liquidity . Some recent funds have allowed it to buy back the work force who had “temporarily” suspended, but will allow it to produce all Jolla Tablet ordered in crowdfunding campaign.

We thought that, slowly, the company was able to honor its commitments: would not have booked all devices, but at least most. Evidently we were wrong. Jolla said that will send a second and one batch of tablets (the first of 121 units was delivered in October), which, however, no more will follow. In essence, the company is committed to send 540 other tablet in February, for a total of about 700 terminals in front of thousands of reservations. The reason is not only economic, but also due to the difficulty of finding some components are no longer available.
The rest of the users will be refunded, but it may take months to revise the figure on your bank account. According to press release from La Jolla, the first retransfers will be issued in the first quarter of 2016 but the company takes time (about a year) before completing all operations, probably because it is short of funds.

Now, then, what the future of Sailfish OS? It would seem that Jolla is in talks with several manufacturers interested in using this operating system Linux-based on their tablets and smartphones. Jolla will not yield more hardware, but will only provide the software to third parties, and one of the first on the list is Fairphone 2. Probably the most important partnerships will need to be able to survive in the market ultra-mobile, but at least is a first step.

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