Katy Perry Pop

The stars and celebrities of all kinds have taken to creating their own applications and mobile games. And if not tell that to Kim Kardashian, whose game won worldwide fame thanks to followers and fans of fashion and postureo it downloaded. Now is the singer Katy Perry who tries his luck by offering a virtual world full of extravagances, music and much work to do if we want to be a pop superstar.

This is Katy Perry Pop, virtual adventure proposed by this artist of the song and the show so that any user will experience the journey to fame. And the main purpose of the title is to enjoy the experience and hard work involved in becoming an idol of the masses, performing all sorts of tasks and chores, besides the performances worldwide, to get the blessing of Perry and the public. Something that is fun, easy and what needs to be very patient.

The idea is to create an anonymous character who become a big star. To do this you can design your image with hundreds of garments and accessories of the most striking and visual, although somewhat limited at first. Something in the universe of Katy Perry is not surprising. From here the game is divided by tasks and must take all kinds of work and get a job, change clothes and work on getting set up a scenario in the workplace.

katy perry pop

Gradually, the player will gain experience as a rainbow, gems and coins. Rewards can be used to get new content and customize the look and possibilities of the character, or spend to achieve additional rewards. All with the mission always in mind to become famous. This requires impress Katy Perry, performing actions and receiving their gross advice about showbiz.

Along with all the trappings of followers on social networks and postureo in the field of fashion, pop Katy Perry also takes into account the musical creative process. That is why part of the rewards should go to the production of songs that allow the character to act and achieve fame. The same happens with video clips of the songs.

Of course, any step taken in this game, when performing tasks, is free. And it is that each player consumes power, so the fun is limited, as are the collections of clothing, musical possibilities and other options. Something to be unlocked gradually or paying real money to access it. Or wait some real time getting automatically reset.

In short, a game for fans of Katy Perry and those who dream of being a celebrity, although this will have to take stock of patience, waiting times and more scripted than fun tasks. The good thing is that the game Katy Perry Pop is available for free in both Google Play and App Store. Of course, many integrated shopping features

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