Kia Niro

Hybrid cars have turned their “diversity” in contrast to the pride and reason: the Toyota Prius has an easily recognizable style, the BMW 330e relies on very high performance and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV adds the plus rechargeable batteries on tap. In recent months, however, came a series of hybrid “normal”, less obvious, addressed to those who will not necessarily stand out or look for a car out of the ordinary. The latest model is the Kia Niro: has to crossover shapes and relatively small size (length 4.36 m), priced at attractive price list (about 27,000 euro) and an exterior styling indistinguishable from a conventional car, pleasant without never be flashy. The logos on the bodywork, in addition, are very discreet and not betray the presence of an electric motor.
Kia Niro
The sobriety of the Niro does not reflect the emphasis devoted to the mechanical part, completely new, developed by Kia with Hyundai’s support: the two companies are part of the same industrial group and worked together on a new project brand, which has led on the one hand the birth of Niro and the other to the launch of a very advanced sedan like Ioniq. The two models, not surprisingly, share out the same constructive basis. The hybrid group of the Niro is composed of a direct injection gasoline engine (105 hp) and an electric motor, located before transmission, and credited to 43.5 hp. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic, the dual clutch type, can also be used in manual mode. The batteries are located under the rear seat, they are ion-polymer and will charge automatically when the brakes are applied. In 2017 comes the plug-in version, with rechargeable batteries from a household outlet.
Interior without exaggeration

The interior is aligned with external forms and is completely devoid of props or I catch: there are no bright inserts, the materials are traditional and the setting – in this case – recalls a classic car. The only real downsides are the parking brake, which is operated by foot pedal. The multimedia system can be controlled via an 8-inch screen in the instrument panel is a second monitor, 4.2-inch, which provides a series in formations and resumes as reported by the GPS. The Kia Niro runs on average 22.7 kilometers with a liter of gasoline (as stated) and ensures enough performance from the car for the family: the top speed is 162 km / h and the 0-100 km / h enough 11, 5 seconds. It will arrive in dealerships Italian from the third week of September

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