KM8 Pro

The Amlogic S912 processor, continues giving us joy because with eight cores and more than competent integrated graphics achieved significantly lower the market box TV to have prices that make them accessible to all audiences, and KM8 Pro is the best example of this trend to bullish and bearish pair that has accompanied us from a few months ago.

The Amlogic S912 is based on the same internal architecture processor that employs its predecessor, the S905 was the first processor for tablets and electronic gadgets at an affordable price that was able to decode the signal 4k hardware, making him in an almost instant success, it is mounted on countless TV boxes that ended in the halls of thousands of users who love cinema in high definition.

Moreover, it is logical that the processor had just evolving and people decided to do Amlogic riding eight cores instead of four of the original processor. In this case, we talk about ARM Cortex A53 cores that can operate up to 2 GHz when the processor turbo mode is activated. Interestingly, riding eight cores which allows computers where better management of consumption to be better able to fractionate the active processor loads is mounted.

Returning to TV box which today I wanted to talk, the KM8 Pro, in this case we have a device that is of such small size that would fit us in the palm of a hand, as it measures less than 10 cm each side (its shape is completely square). This means that its potability is maximum thus bring it to different parts of the house or home of a friend or a family member is extremely simple. We only require taking the power cord and HDMI cable and already have everything ready.

The KM8 Pro carries internally 2GB of RAM, perfect for running multiple tasks simultaneously without the S.O will suffer slowdowns or least. Internal storage is 16GB but, as is usual in this type of device, it can be expanded using a micro SD card that is inserted into a reader located on one side, but thanks to the inclusion of two USB on the same side, ports can use any USB flash drive unblushingly we have at home if we lacked the micro SD card.

The section of network connectivity is one that has been carefully preserved in the KM8 Pro, since not only have a network card integrated Gigabit Ethernet but also a WiFi dual-band broadcast bands 2.4 and 5GHz, something that sets it apart from the competition decidedly usually only does the more common 2.4 GHz band. But not only that, but the WiFi is compatible with standards b / g / n / ac and , especially the latter standard is not unusual to see him in devices with low price.

And speaking of price, you can get KM8 Pro in GearBest but if you employ code KM8 Pro, you will have put at home for only 44.96 €.

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