KS7000 Samsung 60-inch, flat-screen TV with 4K HDR SUHD

If you are looking for a large TV and the latest technology combine image enhancement with a flat panel, do not miss the Samsung UE60KS7000UXXC. We are facing a TV that combines a flat panel 10-bit and 60 inches, with a resolution 4K UHD and Samsung technology nanocrystals. And if the panel is already synonymous with quality, also it incorporates various technologies that will get us to have a clearer picture as vivid as possible: HDR 1000, Ultra Black, Peak Illuminator Pro and Precision Black. All it accompanied by the Tizen OS, which will give us access to the best applications. Let’s review the features of the Samsung UE60KS7000.

As happens in models with less inches, the Samsung UE60KS7000U offers a design incorporating a silver frame surrounding the panel, which is virtually nil. This framework can only see a little more at the bottom, where two silver legs on both ends of the device are located. The back is completely black and is quite free of wires when using the One Connect system.

KS7000 Samsung 2

KS7000 Samsung

In addition to a frameless design, the Samsung UE60KS7000U offers the latest in imaging technology. The company has had the great idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the system nanocrystals to the 7 Series, so this TV will enjoy the Quantum Dot Color technology. This technology gets sharper and realistic colors, showing a color palette 64 times that of a normal TV. The panel is 10 bits and the TV system incorporates the HDR 1000, which shows more accurately the wide range of light and dark levels of an image. To help achieve deep blacks, UE60KS7000U incorporates Samsung Precision Black technology, which improves contrast by optimizing the light emission.

Samsung UE60KS7000U

One of the great problems of the LED panels are reflexes. The Korean company is aware of it, so has included the Ultra Black technology in the Samsung UE60KS7000U. This technology reduces glare by increasing the absorption of light panel. And we still have very little content that has been recorded 4K resolution, the Samsung TV incorporates scaling system SUHD Remastering Engine, which allows us to see any kind of content with acceptable quality.

All this technology image enhancement comes with a quad-core processor able to move with complete fluency the new version of Tizen OS operating system. Samsung veteran system incorporates a new screen more functional and easy to use start, it is even more visually appealing

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