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Are you one of those who usually listen to music or watch videos and movies from the mobile? If you are also picky about the quality of what you see and what you hear, you may be crying out for a phone with good speakers. Well, this is what we can offer the new Lenovo C2, a phone that comes in two versions that differ only by the capacity of your battery and memory. Thus, those who are content with the basics, Lenovo will gain C2 to dry. If you want more capacity, you always have the option of decantarte by Lenovo C2 Power. But let’s take a look at your strengths, because we’ve already said that Lenovo C2 is very well prepared for the question of audio. Both models are presented equipped with a loudspeaker 1.0 W> 83.5 dB, with the Waves MaxxAudio technology. It includes two microphones and a 8738 AWINIC amplifier configured by Lenovo. What the company aims with these technologies is to give users a much more rewarding listening experience, something that will appreciate, as we said, those who usually consume content from mobile. But what other features will delight us this pair of teams?

We’ve already said that their technical specifications are identical, except in the Battery and memory. Let’s start here, therefore, for the Lenovo C2 Power is an especially interesting for those who need more power and storage capacity phone: includes a battery of 3,500 milliamps and enjoy 16 GB capacity. Lenovo battery C2, however, has 2,750 milliamps and a memory of only 8 GB. In both cases, yes, users could expand with external microSD cards to 32GB. RAM Power model is 2GB, but the simplest, is just 1 GB.
Lenovo C2 Power Black

Moreover, both the Lenovo Lenovo C2 as C2 Power have screens of 5 inches (diagonal), a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a resulting density of 294 dots per inch. As for the processor, we must speak of a MT6735P 64-bit architecture with a quad-core 1 GHz. This chip combines performance with Mali T720 graphics card (MP1 550 MHz). Power is clear that the model will be a bit more powerful than the first, by having a larger RAM. The decision to choose one model or another depends on the particular needs of the user. So if you usually play powerful games, downloads a lot of content and use many applications, it would be interesting you chose the Power model. If you go to make a more discreet use, you have enough with the normal model.

In the section of the camera, both phones enjoy a main 8 megapixel sensor and a secondary of 5. However, the model also incorporates Flash Power LED, which will come out great to get good quality images although the scenario does not it is well-lit. Moreover, it should be noted that the phone is well equipped for 4G networks, which will guarantee us a good browsing experience and a download data much more agile than with 3G networks. In addition, both teams are Dual SIM, so that we can use two cards in one device.

The Lenovo C2 will be priced at 130 euros and will be available in Spain from October, while the Lenovo C2 Power will be available for 150 euros since late September

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