Lenovo ideacentre Y710 Cube

It looks like an alien robot, but it is the Ideacentre Y710 Cube. The last computer gamers Chinese firm Lenovo. A compact desktop PC, attractive design, and equipped with everything necessary to offer the best experience with the latest video games. With a starting price of 900 euros, the release date is expected this October and in its higher settings will be able to handle 4K graphics and virtual reality systems quite fluently. Let’s look a little deeper you have this compact inside.

lenovo Y710 cube ideacentre

Technical specifications
The Ideacentre has a compact design (39.33 x 25.23 x 31.45 centimeters) and features quad-core processors up to 3.4GHz Intel Skylake (Core i7 6ªgeneración) and up to 8MB of cache, allowing the use of DDR4 memory modules, something that was not possible with previous generations. In this process the ability to add up to 32 gigabytes of RAM DDR4 memory which can be equipped, and end up teaming with graphic section based on Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX with 8 gigabytes of RAM. The sum of these three elements gives more than enough to ensure high performance even with the most demanding games result.



To meet the needs of storage, Y710 Cube allows you to mount a mixed solution, with up to two terabytes in mechanical support, combined with other 256 gigas in an SSD. This type of combination board the large storage capacity mechanical hard drive, with the enormous speed access to SSDs. The key, of course, is knowing what is installed on each of them, giving priority SSD space for executable and components that require faster for not sacrificing overall system performance access.

To mitigate the heat generated by all these high-performance components, the system has not only of passive dissipation, but also with elements of active dissipation, among which a powerful fan 65W, capable of expelling large amount of air hot and external ventilation meter internal components.

Lenovo Y710 cube ideacentre

Connectivity and connections
Although there are still games that relegate the gamer to loneliness, more and more titles that they offer an online mode. So when we do not speak directly of titles designed to be played on the network. Thus, a system of little use if the high-performance network connectivity itself is not adequate. It is not the present case, since the ideacentre Y710 Cube has a network adapter Killer Double Shot Pro for both wired (ethernet) and for wireless (WiFi). With it, it is able to deliver speeds up to 1,000 megabits / s, more than enough for the needs of any gamer. This is achieved by the simultaneous use of both connections, adding the bandwidth of each to provide greater speed.

As for connections, has three USB 3.0 ports and one 2.0 (located on the back), HDMI and VGA video, digital audio and optical connections and, something that will appeal to many, PS2 connection. Why? Because there are still many keyboards and mice specially designed for gamers and employing this interface connection. In this way, they can continue using them even if they change computer.


If you have a computer with a design like the Lenovo Y710 ideacentre Cube, most likely also you want a keyboard and a mouse to play with it. To this end, the Chinese manufacturer has a catalog of accessories specially designed for this computer:

Lenovo Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: A mechanical keyboard, with six programmable function keys and, by programming macros, allows the use of up to three functions each. In this way, you can create up to 18 presets for each game action.
Lenovo Gaming Precision Mouse: Optical Mouse HD ergonomically designed and, as with these devices (mice for gaming) allows you to adjust both the weight and the balance thereof, and adapted to the personal preferences of each player.

And Gaming Stereo Headset: Set headset (an indispensable component for many online games). 7.1 surround sound feature, noise canceling microphone minijack and USB connections and 3.5 mm.
In addition to accessories manufacturer itself, the system is also compatible (and can be purchased together) with the Windows version Xbox controller, which Microsoft already made compatible with computers for some time. Thus, it is possible to bring the console gaming experience to the PC, but without limitation the catalog of titles all major platforms. And this is not something casual, it is clear that this system competes not only with gaming equipment from other manufacturers, but also with the Xbox and PlayStation market, whose fans aims to attract the world PC.

Availability and Pricing
If expectations are met, we will not have to wait long to test the Lenovo Y710 ideacentre since its release is scheduled for October imminent. Its starting price in Europe is set at 900 euros for the most basic version. Still not the highest price of the range model is known, although clearly not be less than 2,000, or maybe even 2,500 euros, mainly for its graphics adapter.

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