Lenovo LaVie Z

Developers continue to struggle with laptops MacBook dominance in the market. The fact that users who wish to buy a compact gadget for work on the road, always choose the MacBook Air, although the market there are a few more light and small devices. That product is a laptop Lenovo’s called LaVie Z. The novelty is perfect for working with text and images, and presentations by mail, so that businessmen and journalists quickly love this model. In addition, the developers have tried to please their potential buyers even some bonuses, which we’ll talk later. In any case, it is the lightest notebook in its niche, and if you do not need to play games on their mobile gadget, then this laptop you should be interested. Let’s look under the “hood” of the product and decide whether to buy it, taking into account only the weight and dimensions.


The basis for a new notebook processor was the Intel Core i7-5500U, released in mass production in the first quarter of 2015, that is, it is one of the new Intel processors on the market. The model belongs to the fifth generation of processors built on Broadwell and 14-nanometer technology. This processor uses two computational cores with a clock speed able to load standard 2.4 GHz and 3 GHz in the high voltage mode. Graphics subsystem performs Intel HD Graphics 5500 – also the most advanced model to date. Maintain processor is operative mayat 4 to 8 gigabytes type LPDDR3. Unfortunately, the larger volume will not get – the manufacturer for some reason decided that the 8 gigabytes for the modern user will be enough. For storage of personal content you provide SSD from 128 to 256 GB high-speed data processing.

Outward appearance

The laptop is made in a rather simple, without striking elements and logos. Keyboard and display panel is painted black with a matte finish that does not get dirty so fast when using fingerprints. Keyboard Product little “sunk” into, for reducing the thickness of the housing built on island style keys. Under the keys is a large touchpad, without a single button or pointers. Outside of the notebook also painted black, through which you will not be ashamed to get a job or a business meeting.


Let’s start with the fact that when the diagonal screen 13.3 inches, the resolution is 2560 by 1440 pixels. Of course, Quad HD resolution are now commonly used, but not in such compact devices. The matrix is ​​made of IPS technology with wide viewing angles. The great advantage of the product, we believe its weight – only 850 grams. Initially, however, the manufacturer has promised at the launch of 750 grams, but it turned out a little more. In any case, the presence of a metal housing, it is the easiest device on the market. Here, even the Air loses.


The only downside of the product, we believe the price – $ 1,500 is not ready to give every user. Of course, the price tag is justified because one processor Intel Core i7-5500U worth $ 400, but still bite. For the money you get the most lightweight and compact device on the market that can easily be mastered how to work with documents and volumetric graphics or Photoshop, for example. Throw in an incredibly detailed display and get what you need for regular journeys

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