Lenovo ThinkPad Retrò

The experiment Lenovo ThinkPad Retro continues. If you remember, the Chinese company is considering the development of a new generation of ThinkPad but using vintage design elements, solutions that have made famous the popular line of laptop computers but that the time and new concepts have sent into retirement by years. Lenovo, in short, the old must be reassessed because in some cases it is better than the new, or at least most appreciated.

David Hill, Chief Design Officer in Lenovo, and last month unveiled a concept of ThinkPad notebook style retro. The company has not yet engaged in the development and production of this laptop, but it is still interested in the opinions of its customers, so as to invite everyone to respond to a survey. So even if you feel that you make your contribution, provided feedback to Lenovo: ThinkPad which do you prefer? Optereste for a backlit keyboard or an external LED? How would you like it to be the keyboard? And the diagonal of the display?

According to early results, most users prefer a 14.1-inch notebook (after all, is the best compromise between portability and productivity), a keypad with 7 rows of keys and visible even in the dark, no matter who has backlit keys or a “ThinkLight “to shine from above (the respondents are evenly split between the two solutions). The latest survey, opened a few days ago, it is the type of hardware platform. Lenovo asked to choose between a powerful quad-core 47W or a 15W dual-core chips from energy efficient, integrated graphics or dedicated, support up to 16GB or 32GB, or even hard disk, SSD or a combination of the two.
You still have time to express your opinion, given that the three polls are still open (1, 2 and 3) and a fourth is expected next week

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