Lenovo Y50 Razer Edition

With an official press release, Lenovo Erazer announced collaboration for the development of Lenovo Razer PC Edition, a special version of the range of the Series Y Lenovo designed for gamers. The first result of this partnership is a desktop gaming, the two companies announced at DreamHack Winter 2015 (international itinerant event dedicated to the most important challenges of gaming), but that will show live next January, at CES 2016.

Lenovo Y50 Razer Edition

The official note, however, is clear: “The strategic partnership between Lenovo and Razer will extend to several new projects and products, and the companies will also explore new potential opportunities for cross-selling.” So we can expect more desktop PCs and notebooks, as well as accessories such as game controllers, keyboards, and headphones of the same series in the future. It seems that almost all the products co-branded Lenovo Razer PC Edition will be designed by Lenovo as part of the line Y Series already existing, but will integrate the best technologies Razer, such as “light effects customizable Chroma”.

Razer and Lenovo may for example create a special edition gaming notebook Lenovo Y40, Y50 and Y70 Touch or perhaps of a single model. But do not forget that, in 2016, Razer will bring to the European market its Blade 14-inch and collaboration with Lenovo could be a weapon “double-edged”. Why launch a notebook Lenovo Y40 Razer Edition 14-inch if the market is already available on Razer Blade 14? Hard to say right now, but we are confident that both companies will reap mutual benefits.

No doubt, the agreement of co-branding and co-marketing with the first PC maker in the world will give more “visibility” to Razer and simultaneously more credibility to Lenovo, relating to gaming.

The two companies have announced that they will collaborate in the production and marketing of special models Razer Edition range of devices for gaming Lenovo Y, combining the strong channel relationships and expertise in production and logistics for Lenovo with the immersive technology and deep industry expertise Razer, a leading manufacturer of devices connected to the gaming and software for gamers. The new Lenovo Y Razer Edition will be available for both the broad audience of customers of Lenovo is the specific target of Razer, represented by the gaming community. In addition, both companies are joining forces to accelerate the development of new technologies, including major improvements of the experience. At the moment we are all about, but we are confident that in a couple of months the conditions of the partnership we will be clearer

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