After more than six months of waiting, a lot of patience and a lot of temptations, we can finally announce the availability of the Lenovo Yoga 11 3 in Italian stores. The arrival is recent, so much so that on Shop Lenovo Italy, the ultraportable convertible is still “available soon” and online shops (mostly minor) that have added to the list you can really count on the fingers of one hand. It is still good news because, considering the long delay, users interested in purchasing a Yoga 3 11 had lost hope.

Lenovo Yoga 11 3

At the moment you can find the new Lenovo Yoga 11 3 (product code: 80J8004MIX) from Monclick at a price of 770 Euros (VAT included) in which you have to add shipping costs (approximately EUR 9), but if you want to save a few tens of euro, know that his street-price starts from 620 euro (shipping included), which is more in line with what was promised by Lenovo in the launch phase (599 euro). Our advice is to wait a few more days when the stores of all the shops are now full, the final price will drop and maybe you can even take advantage of some discount flyer promotion or lightning. Keep an eye on the department stores, then.

The version of Lenovo Yoga 11 3 (80J8004MIX) sold in Italy for now is to base with an Intel Core M-5Y10C (Broadwell to 14nm), with Intel HD 5300 graphics, 8GB of RAM and 128GB solid state drives. The 11.6-inch display has a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and – like all models Yoga – can be turned 360 ° to turn the notebook into a tablet. The laptop has two USB ports, a digital video output DisplayPort, an SD card reader and an audio jack, as well as a keyboard AccuType offering an overall good typing experience.
Lenovo Yoga 11 3

Last but not least a sound system with two speakers JBL and Waves Audio technology and modules 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Thanks to the 4-cell battery (34 Wh), autonomy should touch waiting seven hours resulting in the average of the category. On board, it will be pre-installed Windows 8.1 but you can upgrade it to Windows 10 when it will be available in late July

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