Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

The known leaker Upleaks has recently spread to network rendering two (apparently) official portraying Lenovo Yoga Table 3. Again presented the unique form factor of tablet Lenovo characterized by area of ​​the body that houses the cylindrical battery and becomes, at the same time, a convenient grip of the device. In the same area it is visible (photo at the opening) the camera lens can rotate on itself.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

The second rending, taken from the official advertising material, contains the reference to the battery life (20 hours on a single charge) and highlights the kickstand with the hole for attaching the device to external media, also borrowed features from the previous generation of tablet Lenovo Yoga.

According to rumors in previous articles (see recent certification), Lenovo Tab 3 will be more variants that will differentiate the diagonal of the display (10 “and 8”) and for the integrated SoC (Snapdragon 410 and 210). The presentation of the third incarnation of the tablet Lenovo Yoga – based on the Android operating system – will probably be held at IFA Berlin on September 2 next.

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