LG 55E6V

In recent years the world of television has evolved so quickly that competition has become fierce: increasingly thin TVs, larger and with revolutionary technologies for quality picture and sound. A good example of this is the television we thoroughly in this article: 55E6V LG 55-inch OLED technology, a technology that competes to become the best platform for next-generation TVs.

What are the differences between the LED and OLED technologies?
The first thing to know is that this new family of TVs LG is the first on the market with OLED technology. But what OLED it means? OLED does not need a TV backlight as LED TVs, ie, they not require light behind the screen. This is because its pixels are organic and autoiluminiscentes capable of generating light by themselves. The result is perfect control over colors, showing much purer blacks and more vibrant colors. In the LG own data reproduce 99% of the spectrum, several trillion colors, and 37% more than traditional LED colors.

To give you an idea, these LG OLED TVs are capable of playing 200 times deeper than previous TVs pure black color. So that everyone understands, OLED TV offers a picture that approximates a high percentage who appreciates the human eye in real life. Each judge.

A much thinner and compact design
LG OLED new TVs have the distinction of being thinner and compact in design. This is because it has significantly reduced the number of layers required to manufacture them. For the first time an ultrathin OLED screen has adhered to a transparent glass plate. This means that integrate hardware television in less space, leaving this equipment in a minimum of 2.4 millimeters thick, allowing it fits well even in houses with little space.




In addition, at first glance it gives the impression of subject alone, because LG OLED TV pedestal integrates a powerful soundbar, for a more immersive experience, cloaking the existence of any support endurance. As for its dimensions, this LG OLED 55E6V measures 1237 x 767 x 175 mm and weighs only 18 and a half kilos, considerably less than normal weight of such inch television.


A very good experience in image and sound
When we talk about whether television is good or bad it always tends to analyze rightly picture and sound. It sounds cliché but that is precisely where this LG 55E6V makes the difference. Thanks to the sum of OLED technology and content in Dolby Vision standard HDR, the viewing experience becomes very powerful. It is likely that the words or acronyms Dolby Vision HDR sound hearsay but you really do not associate properly. HDR is the new standard of image bearing most high-end TVs of the last generation. A technology that purer colors are achieved.


Something that adds to the own OLED panel technology with more color, to the point of virtually be at the height of the human eye. But in addition, thanks to LG Dolby audio certification 55E6V we find a first-line audiovisual experience. If all this we add the 4K quality, it becomes a perfect TV to enjoy audiovisual content.

The latest in Smart TV
But today not only image and sound live television and eastern LG OLED much less. With webOS 3.0 platform you can enjoy a variety of content easily and quickly. With all the features of the SmartTV but always equipped to last. For example, increases an area of ​​the screen to see it in detail without loss of quality thanks to Magic Zoom. Or synchronizes your mobile phone or tablet to play the content on your LG OLED 55E6V with the Magic Mobile Connection.


You can access a number of applications in the store, like Netflix, Yomvi, Atresmedia Player or access the best football Yomvi or Bein Sports. Or just surf the web in the most convenient way. And now everything is easier with the Magic Remote, intelligent control with motion sensor to control the TV and move around comfortably all options in a single gesture and enjoy your Smart TV.

Price and opinions
It is evident that this is a shift in the world of television thanks to the emergence of OLED technology, which will allow medium-term cost savings in production and consumption. However, the drawback of this type of technology today is that currently only being implemented in large inch TVs, so that access for those seeking a small TV is not yet possible. The other big problem is that time is a very expensive technology because it is not entirely settled. Thus, this LG OLED TV 55E6V is available for the not inconsiderable amount of 5000 euros.

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