LG HOM-BOT Square Turbo+

Appliance manufacturers want to put teeth long to consumers. During the Christmas season, as they venture to submit their upcoming developments. South Korean brands such as LG gear up for the start of 2016 with new product announcements, as this robot vacuum cleaner. When the Hom-Bot Square Turbo + is still unknown begin to be distributed in stores, and the company has not revealed what their retail price. This is another model with square design, designed to improve performance when cleaning the corners of rooms. It belongs to the family of products CordZero (wireless) brand, which operates using rechargeable batteries.

Its main feature is the incorporation of a “monitoring system”. The front carries installed a camera that can be connected in real time with a smartphone. Once the Home-View function is activated, the user will be able to remotely control and indicate the vacuum cleaning begins. The camera can also take pictures inside the house and send them to the smartphone; It is a feature called Home-Guard. Besides, the device integrates a dual processor and Robonavi software, which enables its displacement by the home, avoiding obstacles such as furniture and even steps. The unit can memorize the surrounding areas, including the roof, thanks to a Triple Eye camera sensors. They include ultrasonic sensors and infrared, to help you avoid collisions with the walls or furniture legs.

lg hombot

The Hom-Bot Square Turbo + has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a slope to unveil autonomy. It comes with a charging base, the robot vacuum cleaner that comes when you notice that running short of energy On the other hand, the suction motor is a Smart Inverter. EPA requires 11 filter, and the level of noise produced reaches 60 decibels (dB). The deposit, as with current models in the catalog, it is easy to empty.

The company also has introduced the LG CordZero, a vacuum sleigh without cables. For it includes a lithium-ion Powerpack, which provides a range of about 40 minutes of use. This sled vacuum cleaner is equipped with an ergonomic handle. The design of this control is inspired by the controls of the aircraft, Make it easy to provide management from any direction. These controls prevent the user overload your back or waist movements aspire. It includes RoboSense technology, developed by the manufacturer, which is based on various sensors that detect the position and movement. Thus, the vacuum sleigh follows the user while cleaning, automatically moving when the distance between the cleaner body and the handle thereof is exceeding one meter

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